10 February 2017

Yeah, Ron... pull the other one

"Toronto Police Supt. Ron Taverner said the neighbourhood is 'outraged' by the acts."
But, but, but...
"Taverner said the first round of gunfire was never reported to police. Investigators became aware of the series of events after obtaining the surveillance camera footage."
This is one of Toronto's infamous "Snitches get Stitches" neighbourhoods.

The only outrage I've ever seen being exhibited is BLM Toronto screaming for cops to stay away from black people.

Of course, that's not a narrative you'll ever see on Canadian media.


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UPDATE: The wild, wild GTA
Noel Williams, 27, was found suffering from multiple gunshot wounds at about 1 a.m in a residential area of Markham early Friday. He was taken to hospital, where he died.
The hits just keep on coming.