09 February 2017

Justin's chickens coming home to roost

A man allegedly "both followed and inappropriately touched at least six teen girls while swimming in the park," said police spokesperson Scott Pattison. Soleiman Hajj Soleiman has been charged with six counts of sexual assault, and six counts of sexual interference.

Soleiman is a Syrian refugee, two sources told CBC News on Wednesday.

Pattison said he believes there may be more complainants.
Perhaps it's time for Pierre-lite to do a little more mosque outreach.

PS... Don't confuse that story with this one.


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"So maybe we should have a ban on immigration from countries where this sort of thing is culturally accepted."
Someone's actually saying it out loud.


If this happened in Syria, or any Muslim majority country... it's the girls who would be punished... up to and including being murdered. Google "honour killing."


Frances said...

Simple solution: all these "refugees" are to live in the communities of those who want them, and are not to go outside the boundaries of said communities. If possible, they will love with their sponsors. I'm certain the PM's official residence would accommodate a fair few.

Neo Conservative said...

bear in mind we're not talking about some confused, repressed arab schoolboy here... this is a grown man with 6 kids who sexually assaulted a half dozen girls (none of whom were older than 16) in a very public venue.

it's what they do in his culture... treat girls and women as chattel.

this is what justin has brought us.


Anonymous said...

old white guy says..............islam, a pox on the world for over 1400 years.

Anonymous said...

It's a cultural thing - I bet his six kids have some things to tell police

Anonymous said...

PM Potato head gives away 3 Billion his first month in office imports 50,000 so called Syrians, who cannot be vetted.
Their countries are all seething, steaming piles of.......
Guess what they are bringing the cultural practices here that made their countries failures.
Half of them are illiterate in their own language, but Juth-tin gave em new coats.
Meanwhile tater tot cuts health care transfers to the provinces by 50%, taxes our private, paid for health benefits and holidays with a muslim billionaire, who has received millions from us stupid taxpaying Canadians.
I am holding back here Neo, it is all a mystery to me.
Such as why Muslims are flocking to the USA when POTUS Trump is a meany.
I can only hope that Canadians start paying attention and vote accordingly.

Neo Conservative said...

there is a quote, from some well-know european imam, that all muslims have to do to conquer the west is to "breed like mosquitos"... his words, not mine.


Pissedoff said...

A Canadian is a Canadian.

However some people have more sense

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Anonymous said...

Not to get all biblical on ya Neo But Ecclesiastes 10:16
Woe to you, O land, whose king is a lad and whose princes (MP's) feast in the morning.

Neo Conservative said...

not a believer anymore, but there sure is a lot of quotable quotes in the good book.