13 October 2016

Yes, Virginia... there is such a thing...

...as "locker room talk"...sadly, this is the real world

On Tuesday, Toronto restaurant La Carnita posted a picture of food on Instagram under the caption: “What if Donald said, ‘grab her by the taco.'”
The unfortunate reality is that this isn't a Trump thing... it's a guy thing. There's no denying it's rude and crude... but that's really the point. Sometimes it's a contest to see who can be, I shit you not, the "most offensive prick in the room."

None of which minimises male culpability. Scott Adams, the creator of Dilbert explains this much better than I do.
"Men had a good run. We invented almost everything, and that’s cool. But we also started all of the wars and committed most of the crimes."
It's a fact that men, regrettably, start doing stupid shit like this at a young age. During my formative years this sort of idiocy was rampant. It is certainly less prevalent these days... but by no means extinct.

Maybe it's testosterone, but it's no accident that grade school girls aren't running around farting in each other's faces, making "Blue Angels" into a competitive endeavor, or teabagging sleeping friends.

Need another example? An incident being painted as a senseless attack on a young Asian man in Toronto now appears to be anything but...
Katie, a server at The Wicket near Bloor and Keele, and Ken, a regular at the bar, said they saw the incident unfold and wanted to tell their side of the story after reading the post on social media.

“Basically, as my friends and I were standing on the sidewalk having a cigarette, three guys ran past us and smacked us on the ass.”
What's the larger offence here... Trump's braggadocio from 2005... or an actual physical offence?

I'm amazed that the Clinton campaign, despite Slick Willie's record of actually physically attacking women, would try to run with this. Or that people would consider Trump's words to be more aggriegious than Bill Clinton's actions.

Again, I defer to the wisdom of Dilbertology...
"This is a good time to remind you that I endorse [Libertarian] Gary Johnson because he only touches himself."

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It's just funny... I can't explainsadly, this is the real world
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It gets better... I mean worse.


Bill Elder said...

This taco stand has decide if it's primary customers are frigid sexless feminists or red blooded young males who like to "grab life by the taco"'

I suppose the feminists of all 5 sexes fear being grabbed by the pussy or they just take themselves to fvcking seriously and have become dour pouting scolds who think they are commissars of the English language.

In any event this proves that humor is at a low ebb in our culture and just as a lack of humor in humans denotes a psychosis, our society is getting neurotic as well.

Neo Conservative said...

this is the brave new world we live in, apparently.

canada is now a place where comedians can be sued for hurting people's feelings... and that's no joke... just google "guy earle" and "lesbian".


Fred from BC said...

Laughed out loud at the tea (thanks for that, Neo..:)

The restaurant has already been forced to apologize, sadly. Is this what we've been reduced to now...we say something that somehow offends someone and then automatically issue an apology for it without considering whether there is any merit to the complaint?

BTW...no matter what browser I try to use, your Captcha doesn't like it.:(