09 October 2016

Dear Daniel...

You gut a man like a farm animal... I suppose you have to rationalise it somehow...

“If I was white would it still be my fault?”
The upside here is, you're gonna have a good, long time to work out all those deeper philosophical issues.

This is not, as it were, Mr Adjetey-Nelson's first rodeo...
"His most violent previous offences are alleged to have occurred in May of this year when police believe he assaulted a woman with a knife and caused her bodily harm. Those charges are still before the courts."
As a bystander here, my one question here would be... "Why was this guy not behind bars instead of out committing horrific & serial acts of irreversible mayhem?"

The Ottawa Citizen, on the other hand, wants to emphasize that this man was "a victim of violence himself."

It appears to me that Daniel Adjetey-Nelson has more than balanced that particular equation.


"A man in his 20s suffering from gunshot wounds was driven to a hospital in Scarborough Saturday night."
Uh-huh... "suffering from gunshot wounds"... sort of like the "misery of psoriasis."


Anonymous said...

I think it was the "heartbreak of psoriasis".

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... I think it was the "heartbreak of psoriasis".

dammit... you're right. so close and yet so...

hmmm... given todays journalistic flourishes, i wonder why
the ottawa citizen didn't report that mitch paquette was
"suffering from a transected aorta?"


Bill E said...

Two more incidents that you can't blame on the Podunkville Presbyterian interfaith trap shooting club

Neo Conservative said...

you mean these folks here?