20 October 2016

Never mind the Clintons...

I have been informed that the article I originally linked to was actually a spoof... this one's on me for not checking further.

In it's place I offer up this. It's becoming harder & harder to separate the lunatic left's excesses from fiction... for example...treason

Like many other celebrities watching from home Wednesday night, Rosie O’Donnell tweeted along with the third presidential debate and repeatedly went off on Republican candidate Donald Trump, at various points calling him an “anus mouth” and an “orange motherfucker.”
Wheat, chaff... sometimes it's all a blur.


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Toward the end of the third and final presidential debate Wednesday evening, Donald Trump SNARLED that Hillary Clinton is “such a nasty woman.”
Yeah... that's gonna leave a mark... because he "snarled."


LAST WORD: And some topics are totally off limits


ChuckT said...

Check the source. The Boston Tribune is a fake news site.

Neo Conservative said...

thanks for that. had to rush to the dentist this morning and didn't do the appropriate checks.