15 October 2016

If Scientists can put a man on the moon...

...Why can't they do something about those poor people on Gilligan's Island?more witchcraft**********

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"The albinoids stayed in the Caucus mountains and caves for 2,000 years. There they became savage, moral-less shameless and psychopathic."
Oh... my... gawd... imbecile just doesn't cover it.

And while we're on savage and shameless...
At least 21 people were shot across the city from Friday evening to Saturday morning, leaving seven dead, according to Chicago Police.
Barackistan feels the pain, yet again.


LAST WORD: City of Angels - 3 KIA, 12 wounded
The owner of the Jamaican eatery, who identified himself only as Dilly, told The Times on Saturday that he runs a catering business out of the house, not a restaurant.

He said another shooting occurred at the location in 2011. "The guy that died in that shooting was my friend."
Burger King, here I come.


Bill E said...

Fudd's first law of principle - "if you push something hard enough, it will fall over"

Neo Conservative said...

throwing lightning at your enemies from your hands is the coolest superpower ever... in a comic book.

science? well... not so much.


Rich said...

We are seeing here, the advance shock troops of a conquering alien army, planted to sow utter confusion by causing a massive upwelling of complete illogic.
I am sure I saw Gort somewhere in that clip.
Attempt no contact or reply to any sounds they make...they cannot make a cogent response. If you hear one....close your dropped jaw and run away...they are not human. It is their job to confound you. There is no understanding these illogical alien marines....they are programmed to spread panic by using our language but not in any fashion that is comprehensible to us.....they need to be rounded up and sent off by space shuttle to the moon...Alice.
(Hint:- Go long on one way rocket futures.)

Neo Conservative said...

speaking of cultural advances... check out the rising body count in the windy city... post updated