18 October 2016

And Winston Churchill wept

Just as with women, body hair removal is a personal decision so if you’re a guy and like your legs to feel super soft and shiny then keep on keeping on.
And in the USA, a war is being waged...
"The lesson made it seem like masculinity was an unacceptable human trait."
In other social engineering news...
"Positioning themselves as the boyish alternative to the American Girl juggernaut, these boy toys are 'properly proportioned, high-end dolls that each have a corresponding book about overcoming some kind of adversity.'”
I got nuthin'.


Bill E said...

The war on men continues - more thinking awash in salmon - scented GLBT feminism

"spornosexual" - I told you they wouldn't stop until there was a dozen sexes to choose from - Caligula would be so at home here.

Neo Conservative said...

will historians look back on this times as a period of collective madness... or will society just turn itself inside-out to permanently accommodate all the freaks?