10 October 2016

Debate II - coulda, shoulda, woulda

When Hillary started in about Trump's words objectifying women, he should have simply replied, "Mrs Clinton, I said some objectionable things 11 years ago and again, I'm sorry for that... but let's not forget I'm not the President who stuck a cigar in an college-age intern's v@gina a mere twenty feet away from the Oval Office while supposedly conducting the nation's business."

He got this far by being Trump. Leverage your assets.


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He even bested her on her recollection of her own tenure at the helm of the U.S. State Department.

Trump recalled that Clinton was secretary of state when President Barack Obama drew his now-infamous rhetorical 'red line' in Syria, ineffectively warning Bashar al-Assad not to use chemical weapons against insurgents and civilians.

Clinton insisted she had retired from the government by the time that happened. Not so: Obama dared Assad to cross his line in August 2012, six months before Clinton’s term ended.
Looks like Granny Clinton had another "memory lapse."

You remember the Golf-Pro-in-Chief's "line in the sand", right?
I don’t know what the hell went into that decision,” former Secretary of Defense and CIA director Leon Panetta said Tuesday night. Obama instead announced that he wouldn’t order air strikes until he heard from Congress -- an institution that “has a hard time figuring out what time of day it is.”
Well, Leon... that's why they call it "President"... you're supposed to be in charge.


LAST WORD: Bias, what bias?
Debate Moderator Martha Raddatz married Obama’s Harvard Law School classmate and Harvard Law Review cohort Julius Genachowski in 1991, years before Obama appointed Genachowski to head the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Obama went to the wedding, years before he became a national politician.
Yeah, I'm shocked.


Bill Elder said...

All things considered, it was pretty despicable that POTUS candidates would wallow in the mud crotch deep - like a petty grudge match for comptroler of Podunkville - but there has never been a sleazier, criminal, homicidal sociopathic vindictive twat running for POTUS before so I guess she lowered the standard of conduct considerably.

I noticed that even though they sluiced her down with septic solutions and filled her with chemical animators, they still couldn't keep the flies off her....maybe she caught that zombie virus that's coming out of Hollywood these days.

At any rate, the non-politician on stage defended himself against the criminal slander and innuendo coming at him from both Clinton and the "moderators?" and reminded the audience of the type of criminal filth that floats to the top of the cesspool the Dem party is today.

One clownish narcissist, self-made billionaire unconnected to the beltway mafia, versus the most treasonous murderous, dissolute crime family which has ever infected the DC beltway -

doesn't seem like a hard choice to me - regardless of his debating skills

Neo Conservative said...

it kind of boils down to nope and noper, doesn't it?

those, unfortunately are the choices this go around.

i mean, look at canada... a trust fund millionaire, drama teacher child of a former prime minister who has put us 30 billion additional dollars into deficit in his first year in office.