23 October 2016

Sounds a lot like Hillary...

...is actually Putin's new best friend...

CNN Pentagon Correspondent Barbara Starr reported that Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s statement about the time it takes to launch nuclear weapons is “extremely classified.”
Seems like there's a lot of that "strange bedfellows" shit goin' around...
The Iranian regime is a terrorist regime,” said Shabnam Assadollahi, an Ottawa writer and human rights activist who was imprisoned in Iran as a teenager. “Why would the mayor of Montreal make quiet deals with a terrorist regime?”
Those wacky Libranos... now that Justin has changed the rules, you never know where they'll pop up next.
There is no core identity, no mainstream in Canada,” Justin Trudeau said, concluding that he sees Canada as “the first post-national state.”


Anonymous said...

old white guy says............to bad we could not put trudeau and all those who voted for him and his party in their own state apart from those of us who want freedom and no debt.

Neo Conservative said...

what? you don't like living in p'tit-p'p'tat's "post national state?


Martin said...


More on Iran from this link via SDA blog. The passport challenged Minister Monsef visited Iran in 2014, even though diplomatic relations had been broken off by Canada in 2012, and entry was extremely difficult. This raises the question was she a Iranian citizen with a passport at the time? Otherwise how did she travel there? Does she retain an Iranian passport and dual citizenship now? Monsef's office failed to respond to questions from the Sun, and other media have affected indifference. Liberals and the post-national set don't see this as a problem, but if this woman has continuously misrepresented her citizenship qualifications, other Canadians just might.

Neo Conservative said...

"martin says... was she an Iranian citizen with a passport at the time?"

that would put the lie to monsef's claim that she didn't know where she was born, wouldn't it?

neither monsef nor "dear leader" justin would offer up any sort of comment on this... which tells you everything you need to know.

meanwhile, librano denis coderre has his own hush-hush trip to iran.

justin & company seem to be getting awfully cosy with the mad mullahs and their "religion of peace."


Bill Elder said...

Tater Tot is engaged in the globalist effort to secure the single party states in all of its client jurisdictions - then the culling begins.

It's obvious his rhetoric is right from the UN mantra on population politics - yes it ignores even the statistical demographics of his own census bureau where - 35% identify as Canadian, 20% English, 15% French, 14% Irish, 14% Scottish, 10% German, 5V Chinese, 4% aboriginal 3%Polish, 3% Ukrainian

Notice this vast majority identify as some western culture - the remaining fraction "identities" are from shitholes which have never seen a constitutional democracy - this is Justin's diversity constituents - he ignores the diversity of the culture making the western cultural mosaic and caters to the small minority which represents no western cultural roots.

He hopes to obliterate the majority demographic, replacing it with his minority demographic which is resistant to western cultural norms , like constitutional democracy and rule of western law - the reasons for this re the erection of the single party state - but, by the numbers Tater tot has a big job ahead of him and I predict he will be in the political bone yard far before his globalist wet dream comes true.

Neo Conservative said...

"bill e says... caters to the small minority which represents no western cultural roots"

playing dress-up down at the mosque obviously plays well in the relatively poor, conspicuously islamic riding p'tit-p'tat represents... but doesn't he realise, come the new caliphate, he'll be the first infidel strung up on a lamppost. and if sophie keeps showing her ankles on tv... she won't be far behind.