23 October 2016

"Before you scoff at mass, shared illusions..."

..."as being unlikely, keep in mind that everyone with a different religion than yours is experiencing exactly that.

Mass shared illusions are our most common experience."

I don’t believe in Santa Claus.

I don’t believe in ghosts.

I don’t believe in a traditional god.

I don’t believe in luck.

And I don’t see Donald Trump as dangerous.

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Hillary Clinton solicited a $12 million donation from a government that her State Department considered corrupt, then realized the “mess” it would cause in her presidential run, a newly leaked ­email reveals.

The deal with Morocco was struck even though the State Department — under Hillary Clinton — accused the country’s government of “arbitrary arrests and corruption.”
You want the real Hillary... go to Wikileaks.


LAST WORD: Be careful what you wish for
As I had cause to remind the Democrats during my Senate testimony, too many prominent members of their party are already wholesale enthusiasts for the criminalization of dissent - a position that renders politics both irrelevant and impossible.
Forewarned is forearmed.


Anonymous said...

old white guy says...........Trump is not dangerous and Stephen Harper was not dangerous. Delusions abound today.

Neo Conservative said...

the dems are being exposed as the real danger to america.


Bill Elder said...

Adams is correct in that Americans and Canadians to only a slightly lesser degree, are experiencing media hypnosis on a scale never seen - a large segment of the population are brainwashed into seeing illusions as realities.

To list some of these media hypnic illusions:

1) Tater tot is a skilled, intelligent and psychologically fit and responsible leader

2) Reptillary Klinton has been the subject of a mass right wing conspiracy and there is nothing to all the allegations and scandals she and bill have following them for over 30 years - criticism of her scandals is undeserved

3) Donald trump is the emboyment of evil on earth and the millions of Americans who support him are deplorable -by extension the idea of making America great Again is deplorable

4) Un restrained, unscreened migration from the world's most civilly retarded and culturally arrested nations with make America great

Neo Conservative said...

i'd say between you and scott adams... you've got this one covered.