03 October 2016

Dear National Post... the actual problem...

...is not that Canadian prisons are full of aboriginal graffiti artists...

"For example, if someone spray paints graffiti on a school wall and the offender is a great lacrosse player, the law stipulates the person can be ordered to teach students how to play the sport."
Are you people shittin' me? Let's get real...
Sapers pointed to statistics that show the total number of people incarcerated in federal institutions went down by 12 per cent between 1996 and 2004. But the number of native inmates increased 21 per cent in the same period.
One in 10 aboriginal children now lands in foster care, compared to one in 200 for non-aboriginal children, the AFN said. There are currently three times as many children in foster care as there were in residential schools.
You're gonna fix all that with lacrosse, right?


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Ten years later, the innovative, hard-working artist at the centre of that revolution was living rough in Ottawa, selling her drawings on the street and begging for beer money near a downtown liquor store. On Sept. 19, her body was found in the Rideau River. She was 47 years old.
It's sad, but you can't save people from themselves.


Bill E said...

I get it now. I see the unbreakable parasitic symbioses between the native dependency culture and the fawning liberal-guilt virtue posers who enable them. One feeds off the other. The culture of low esteem feeds on the table scraps of the liberal left proggy guilt culture who get a rush from the superbia of celebrating low expectation – even exploit it. – “Oh look at us, we’re so culturally tolerant we see the mastery of Rembrandt in the child-like renderings of these unevolved creatures who eat whale blubber, drink too much and kill each other for fun.”

Perfect cultural exchange for smug virtue signalling progs – the opportunity to feel fulfilled by being superior, culturally and morally by lowering the threshold of fine art to accommodate “primitive moderns” and have an emotional orgy of guilt/grief/smugness. The art they dote on is just the metrosexual prog version of the native souvenir industry output you used to see at Niagara falls gift shops with the “Canada” trade mark on some birch bark or moose hide trinket – that is taken to upscale galleries and labeled “alien” aesthetic aboriginal cultural artisan.

A sad story of cultural self-abuse-meets-Liberal-left-virtue posing/marketing. These childish crayon art depicted addiction, indigence, and suffering (and reliance on proggy art buyers) – something in demand in the vast proggy white guilt/grief vampire market. So the dysfunctional native art plantations are harvested by these grief mongers. They’ll spend thousands on these scribbles to make themselves feel like they care for the poor deprived native, but the artists are in such a devolved cultural vortex all the money will go to further the self-abuse suicide spiral, which in turn gives progs the ultimate rush of proggy grieving – “oh we loved her so much, she was so “gifted” an really evolved one (we though) our proggy mascot.”

So what happened to proggy “interventions” , here was a case that really needed it – but the smell of gold from the native art factory was stronger than actual caring. In the end she provided these grief vampires with a big dose of grieving and whaling and gnashing of their very progressive morally vain teeth when she was fished out of the river after a very predictable and progressively financed sad end.

Sorry for the verbosity, just had to get that off my chest, little pisses me off like superficial diversity progs engaging in the bigotry of low expectation.

Neo Conservative said...

of course, all the mourning is in retrospect. not one of the cultural do-gooders in the nation's capital thought to try help this "artist" out.


Anonymous said...

It's not like she was hidden away anywhere. You could see her and the rest of the crew just east of the Rideau Center near the "Indian Center" for years. If anyone really cared...

A Steve

Neo Conservative said...

well, "virtue signalling" does not require action... just talking loudly and "raising awareness". see... trudeau, justin for a good example.