12 October 2016

Frankly, what blows my mind...

...is that people are much more concerned about what Trump said... than what Hildebeast's husband did...

bill clinton is a rapist
The alternative to a Trump victory is the restoration to the White House of a credibly accused rapist and serial abuser, accompanied by the woman who has gleefully trashed his victims for 40 years.

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The media has joined in this chorus which insists that when Trump mentions Bill’s rapes, he’s climbing into the “gutter,” but that when Hillary references Trump’s tape, she’s taking the “high ground.”
Funny how that works.


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...just send it back to the shop for reprogramming...robotHey, Hillary supporters just don't care.


LAST WORD: It's that simple...insert alt text here
“I would like to say to women who are thinking about getting married: Would you marry a rapist? If you didn’t know he was a rapist but then you found out he was a rapist would you stay with him?”
Well, ladies... what of it?