06 October 2016

"In their Master's chamber..."

"They gather for the feast... stab it with their steely knives... but they just can't kill the beast..."insert alt text hereAh... the grease-painted injustice of it all.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

"I have no clown in this fight. My familiarity with ICP stems mostly from this long interview with their fellow white-trash “loser”-made-good, Adam Carolla."
Go "social justice."


FROM THE TAKI's COMMENTS:insert alt text here
"The secular state strips all the tribalism out of people and tells them, in effect, Yale or jail."


Bill E said...

I dunno, Juggalos and wiggers - seems like an authentic identity crisis to me

Neo Conservative said...

fits right in with all the other msm propagated argle-bargle.


Bill Elder said...

"fits right in with all the other msm propagated argle-bargle."

Well the MSM must be writing policy for the FBI because they seem more worried about the clown epidemic than ISIS cells or convicting Hillary.



Remember back in the day when the cops were scared of their own shadows, particularly clowns.....naaa didn't think so

Neo Conservative said...

the real question is... "is stephen king pleased... or dismayed?"


Bill Elder said...

Well I didn't see King or the FBI offering approval or disappoval when metal heads were prancing around in Alice Cooper drag