02 October 2016

Nuit Blanche turns Rouge

"Police said no suspects have been arrested. Five or six males were seen running southbound on Yonge Street after the stabbing."
It's the new normal, I guess...
"During last year’s Nuit Blanche, Toronto police responded to a stabbing, a slashing, two reports of people with guns, and several fights."
In other "Canadian" values news...
Tyshan Riley was already serving a life sentence when, in 2011, he was convicted of two more counts of attempted murder and sentenced to an additional 18 months for the shooting of two Scarborough teens one month later.

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A suspect in the death of a popular local artist and a series of violent home invasions has been returned to Canada by authorities in Trinidad and Tobago.

LAST WORD: Enough is enough
45 years after multiculturalism became government policy, most Canadians (68%) would prefer to see minorities doing more to “fit in” to mainstream society.
There it is.


Bill E said...

Maybe the stabbings and shootings are street performance art - hoodie artists doing hood art - isn't that what Nuit Blanche is all about? Transforming a city through art?

Neo Conservative said...

post updated to include angus reid/cbc poll.


robins111 said...

I am a registered Angus Reid poll taker. It's apparent over my answers for years what my political leanings are. I wasn't invited to take the poll and must conclude they used lefty or center left participants, as such its kinda surprising the outcome if they used that group. It kinda pees in Justy's cornflakes that so many are dubious of his multi cult BS.

Neo Conservative said...

the media manipulates issues to reflect a point of view. on a cbc radio show on legalising heroin, i heard one dead junkie's mother thank the host for taking the time to contact her.

it was supposed to be a call-in show.


Anonymous said...

Well, "minorities" have done themselves in with me. I used to be as lib-prog as anyone - not quite a muti-culti cheer leader ( more of an assimilationist) but I judged everyone as an individual and avoided "group" stereotyping - after 30 years of minorities hopping on the cultural marxist identity group band wagon and copping victim attitudes and blaming me for their personal failings - and lib-left muticultists demeaning me as an oppressor - I'm emotionally and sympathetically drained - I just don't care about minorities any more and I care less about the lib-left progs (right now I have a seething contempt for these dangerous cucks)

- they haven't driven me to hardened bigotry yet but I'm unempathetic with any minority group and highly suspicious that they all run a minority victim racket and at some level despise the majority - at this point I'm nearing disgust with the whole group politics multi culti diversity con and I don't TRUST minorities - I view them as suspect and morally inferior if they are playing the victim card.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... lib-left muticultists demeaning me as an oppressor"

the fact that race hustlers like farrakhan & al sharpton aren't laughed off the airwaves should be of grave concern to us all.

outlawing rational discourse at our colleges and universities is the most recent manifestation of this madness.