21 October 2016

Why the dead tree media...

...are walking the doomed path of the dinosaurs...silence of the blms

"No information on suspects was immediately provided for either incident. Police said there was currently nothing to suggest the two shootings are linked."
Two shootings, Jimmy Olsen? What about the other three? And instead of putting up the metaphorical yellow barrier tape... an actual "professional" journalist might enquire about "points of commonality" between these five Toronto area shootings that have occurred recently.

Unless, of course, they really don't want to know.


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Shame on you...
"Bullets have been flying in THE NORTHWEST END of the city all week. In all, five shootings in as many days have left two dead and five injured. “Up to 10 gunshots were heard,” Kwong said. “And MALES WERE SEEN RUNNING in all directions, but we’re not sure if they were involved."
Hoodied males were seen running in the northwest end of the city? Get out your decoder rings.


UPDATE: Is Chief Saunders lying to us...

...or is he just really bad at math?
"Gunfire rang out at five different locations in Toronto overnight, sending a number of people to hospital with various injuries."
That's five new shootings, not to be confused with the five I refer to above. But that's not what the man in charge of Toronto cops is saying...
Police Chief Mark Saunders told CP24, “Last night we had a couple shootings and we have resources on it right now to figure out exactly who has caused the shootings to occur."
Spoken like a social worker, Chief. Time to head off to some international law & order junket and soak up some sunshine.


LAST WORD: The number don't lie
"So far in 2016, there have been a total of 330 shootings in Toronto, which is up 52.8 per cent from this point in 2015."
No comment as of yet from the Toronto chapter of "Black Lives Matter."


Bill E said...

Without investigative reporting ( digging past the firewall politicians and police erect) all you rely on is prepared statements - with this you may as well run banner headlines like

- "SOME STUFF IS RUMORED TO HAVE HAPPENED TODAY, Details much later if we act like good lapdogs and the cops throw us a bone"-

Sucks to be disinterested or non curious in such a tumultuous world - citizen journalism will fill the vacuum - if we can keep the tyrants from turning off the free internet.

Neo Conservative said...

as the timid msm lapdogs increasingly toe the party line, people are turning to the internet, bloggers and independent news organisations for their daily news.

with all the closures and downscaling, you think they'd figure it out, but postmedia just laid off thousands more of their employees.


Bill Elder said...

I see the released video of the suspects shows us the typical member of the Saskatoon baptist church outreach and duck hunting club - or maybe not so much.

It's obvious GTA had a crime problem - it;s obvious that problem is endemic to one singular minority community - it is also obvious these crimes are committed with guns bought outside the legal system

So why the silence? Because here is visible objective evidence the anti-gun muticult mosaic narrative is deeply flawed.

Quick, get us some western kids shooting tin cans and gophers with a 25 shot Ruger .22 magazine to scapegoat - they'll buy it in metroland because that's just how fvcking stupid people there have become.

Neo Conservative said...

"bill e says... get us some western kids shooting tin cans and gophers"

i read a study recently out of the united states that showed people with handgun carry permits were the most law-abiding demographic in the country.

i'm with kathy shaidle...

"Frankly, America should carve that “10,000” number onto the Liberty Bell. Less than 2% of our population commits more than half of all American gun murders. Thus, a very small percent of the US population commits most gun homicides."