19 October 2016

What did Kerry offer Quito...

...to turn off Assange's tap...

Ecuador, the nation that has granted political asylum to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange at the country's London embassy, said late Tuesday it had cut off his Internet access because of WikiLeaks' recent dumps of hacked e-mails surrounding Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Assange said Monday that that he had lost Internet access on Saturday after the document-spilling site released e-mails of speeches Clinton made to the Wall Street Investment bank Goldman Sachs.
Funny how that works.


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"Moore touches on all of the anti Hillary arguments including the suicide of Vince Foster. 'I hope she did kill Vince Foster, that’s badass.'"
Hmmm... I guess that's the Dems version of locker room talk.


Bill E said...

If they slige these cheep crooks in Equador a feww bucks to kill his free speech, for a few more bucks they'll leave the back door to the embassy open some night so a clinton assassin can do what clintons do.

Read through the emails I'm astounded at the pathalogical criminality of this witch - I hope she burns.

Anonymous said...

I have an intense dislike for HRC BUT keep in mind that Assange has always worked with and was closely associated with Russian Intelligence Services which has a goal to take down the USA.

Assange has never posted materials damaging to Russia or other totalitarian regimes. His target was clear -- the USA -- the bastion of democracy and the world's single super power. He was a useful idiot to quote Lenin.

Please do not make this individual to be out to be a "hero" as he is not. He served his Russian masters well.

gerry from gta

Neo Conservative said...

gerry, you might want to read slower.

i have never made assange out to be a hero. he faces several sexual assault charges in sweden and is apparently a fairly despicable individual. i do think he's momentarily providing a a useful service with the dnc wikileaks... and i hope he continues to do so.


Anonymous said...

He's doing the job the Corporate Media refuses to do...unearth as much dirt on the despicable Clintons. The MSM refuses because there's just too much money at stake to not have Criminal Hillary in control steering public money their way for favorable reporting.