29 October 2016


Lord of the, well... you know...whir, clank, bang

"Not a lawyer here, but I've seen no Constitutional requirement that the President have a security clearance before being voted into office."

"If HRC is denied clearance, then when sworn in, she can grant clearance to herself, as well as pardon herself. The President is the ultimate head of federal law enforcement and national security."

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"Aside from his genitals, I don’t think Weiner has a reputation as a stand-up guy."
So, two words... 'witness protection.'

P.S. Best comment over at American Thinker...
"Carlos Danger got caught in a penis fly trap."

LAST WORD: She just didn't measure up...
"Tanden and Podesta didn’t take issue with Hillary Clinton breaking the law, but with her clumsy political instincts, her inability to fake sincere apologies and spin scandals as smoothly as Obama."

"Hillary’s biggest flaw in their eyes was her clumsiness at covering up acts that were routine in Obamaworld. They didn’t despise her because she broke the law, but because she was bad at it."
Hey... try imagining what Bernie Sanders is thinking this morning.


bocanut said...

"Carlos Danger got caught in a penis fly trap."
Great line

Neo Conservative said...

hillary schlonged with huma's weiner.

love & kisses... deplorable neo.


Bill E said...

As the Graphic here suggests, the flies are gathering to the smell put off by the clintons and their uh, "friends"