16 October 2016

The "Cold Shot" Chronicles

How do you get to Carnegie Hall?

Practice, practice, practice!


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"If he saw an old lady with her groceries, he would help her. He was a kind guy. Very loving. He hugs everyone."
Police have not yet said which "northwestern" Toronto gun club the shooters belonged to.


Anonymous said...

owg says.........long shots show talent but up close can be just as rewarding.

Neo Conservative said...

for example... up close combat pistol drills... getting that last bit of speed while retaining dinner plate size accuracy... every bit as satisfying.

simply different aspects of the art.


Bill Elder said...

Interesting thoughts on the AR - however I think this guy is mistaking his "feel for the gun" (AKA familiarity with the way the rig shoots) with "practice" - yes practice is important - repetition of proper breathing, lowering heart rate, trigger pressure at let off, doping the wind and heat rise (and mirage) and hold off over zero - all are acquired skills of the marksman (notice I said marksman and not target shooter).

Hitting a 4" diameter target at shifting ranges from 100-600yds in wind conditions is within the purview of most enter-fire rifles and most large bore pistols - the skill to do so is a matter of conditioning yourself to do this - of course practice - but also self discipline, accuracy knowledge and performance knowledge of gun/load. That's marksmanship.

No braggadocio here but I used to routinely place in the top 3 in my bench rest group and silhoutte matches when I was competition shooting - lots of guys asked me where I gained the skills because they didn't see me at the the range much until matches - my secret was the gopher fields - 10s of thousands of rounds sent down range at a pest that offers a 2" target from 100 - 1000 yds - used many varmint rigs but my top rig was chambered for the same caliber as my bench gun - learn how that round shoots - off hand, kneeling, sitting, prone, at varying ranges under and over zero - in wind - up and down hill.

I still keep my eye sharpened on the gophers even today but down-scaled my shooting to rimfires and a wildcatted hornet to save $$$$ - even a rimfire is a consistent killer at 100yd out to 375yds in the right hands.

Keep doping the wind - B.E.

Neo Conservative said...

be very careful who you hug in "northwest" toronto... post updated...


Neo Conservative said...

update2: just another sunday in the hood

let's go have a 2am snack in a part of the city where the graveyard shift cops only venture in pairs...

"He was with three other people sitting at a table having something to eat and we believe a person was targeted at that table," Det. Paul Worden told CP24. "We are not ruling anything out but we do believe there was prior contact between the suspect and the deceased and his friends."

Worden said although Jarryl came into contact with police over the past couple of years for “various things,” he wasn’t charged with any offences.


Bill E said...

The Black-on-black crime in GTA is beginning to rival Chicago - and there isn't even an iota of response from city hall other than tisk tisk, so sorry, isn't if sad - bkla bla bla.

I bet the police could do a 2 day sweep of known thugs and take 90% of these punk out of action on weapons charges - what's stopping them? Someone in City hall like seeing dead black kids?

At the very least there should be a curfew for kids under 21. Instant night in the clink for violation.

Neo Conservative said...

did you know the toronto cops had a "black guns and guns" unit not so long ago? yup... but it was disbanded under pressure from the provincial libs.

as well, under mike harris, there was a "zero tolerance for violence" policy in ontario schools (the penalty being immediate expulsion)... which the mcguinty liberals overturned... after the discovery that virtually all the offenders being expelled were black.

this isn't about capability... it's about political will.


Bill E said...

Every white-bread moral-posturing prog who hasn't the courage to admit their all-cultures-are-equal-to-ours mantra is intense BS and face the fact some are developmentally arrested, people will die needlessly to defend this bogus egalitarian lie.

Black inner city communities have a problem with gangs/drugs/violence/arrested cultural development - much as Aboriginal reserve culture has the same problem
- every time progs bury their heads up their ass to avoid addressing this reality, another life is claimed by this cultural grim reaper.

The Liberals (if they are responsible for the regressed crime culture in GTA) have blood on their hands and I would take every opportunity to remind them their narrow minded virtue posing has a rising body count.

I guess they really are this monolithic and uncaring