25 October 2016

And yet they always seem...

...to miss that turn and end up on a slab...turn, turn, turn

"He came from a good family and had solid support,” lawyer Fariborz Davoudi said. “He had everything going for him to get his life back in order." Davoudi recently represented Omer when he was charged with more than 60 counts of car theft in Toronto and York Region.

No arrests have been made in the city’s 56th murder of the year.
In other GTA "turn your life around" news... I hope they're saving a few drawers for Darnell Collins and Jamion Hines.


Anonymous said...

owg says..............he had everything going for him except for the fact that he was a thief and should have been in jail. Jeez, 60 counts, what more needs to be said.

Bill E said...

This is the 2nd hoodie shoot I'm aware of where they are using sawed off scatter guns (the Pizza parlor shooters were supposed to have a sawed off) . This one looks to be one of those old cheap Stoeger coach guns sawed dangerously down ( and a couple of rounds of weak off-brand field loads for birds - at least he has to pull the spent shells from it (no ejectors) and that might slow things down enough for a few victims to escape - little comfort knowing these animals are put back on the street.

Ya know what really sucks - with all this shooting going on (what is it 300 + this year?) it will honest law abiding sportsmen who police will persecute for these crimes - AFAIC, the judge should be doing time for criminal negligence in releasing this goblin - and the limp biscuit mayor who is idly overseeing this crime wave in th black community will be returned to office because he never said the N word but sat silent as thug culture destroys their community

Are we living in a cartoon? Is this toonland? Is roger rabbit the mayor?

Neo Conservative said...

the irony here, of course, is that if lawyer/philosopher fariborz davoudi hadn't sprung this miscreant, a little stay in the crowbar motel might have given him pause... and he'd still be alive today.

instead, the lesson he learned is that the system is a joke and he's the master of the universe.

wonder if he had time to ponder the cosmic joke before he died?


Neo Conservative said...

update... first link in post fixed.