11 October 2016

Well... to be fair...

...they were probably pretty high when they said it...

TORONTO — Ontario’s Liberal government defended allowing medical marijuana users to vaporize anywhere by saying they had consulted “very broadly” — but emails show those consultations involved the input of just two people.
Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong were not available for comment.


Bill Elder said...

Two words: They're insane.

Is this all part of some larger Liberal plan to normalize insanity so no one notices haw insane liberals are?

Neo Conservative said...

they get caught lying... repeatedly... and nobody bats an eye.

i guess honesty & integrity were way over-rated.


Bill E said...

Well, I think there's a great deal of truth to that position Neo. I'm in awe at how the media can recycle the Clition crime family as candidates for office with little or no media (or public) care about the long list of their crimes and immoral behavior - it's like morality has been beaten out of voters by what amounts to an alternate virtual reality - the media are complicit in the Clinton crimes as sure as Hillary is a psychotic terminal shrew - but what happened to public memory? values? - are they , as the KGB defector clained "demoralized"?

Neo Conservative said...

there is, apparently, nos such thing as public shame anymore... and society is poorer for that.