01 October 2016

No such thing as "Canadian" values anymore

Remember, back in the day, you got pissed off at somebody... you stabbed them to death?gang life equals deathYeah, me neither...

Friends and family held a vigil for Deerr, also known as Yung Reemy, at the TTC station last Saturday night. As the vigil ended, more violence erupted at a nearby YMCA and a 17-year-old boy suffered stab wounds.
So, hey... the violence just "erupted," huh? Like all those guns that fly around the hood by themselves... taking innocent lives. Don't you just hate when that happens?

UPDATE: Yet another body drops...
Toronto police are investigating after a man was found dead with an apparent gunshot wound in Rexdale early Saturday morning. The man has since been identified by police as Maninder Singh Sandhu, 31, of Brampton.

LAST WORD: The Prime Minister...

...was not available for comment...
"Ottawa's police chief says the west-side African eatery where a man was gunned down on Sunday morning has been a "magnet of criminal activity" since it opened three years ago."
But let's end this thing on a hopeful note...
“We would like to acknowledge your hard work and dedication for what you do and setting the example for kids your age.”
It's all about choices... isn't it?


Bill E said...

Yeah but cops and "whitey" are the problem.

Sorry I see this same self destructive culture take another life and I am so jaded that no one sees the obvious, that I just don't care any more.

Neo Conservative said...

the law of diminishing returns. these gangs in toronto think it's all a vin diesel movie... until someone they know gets bled out.


Anonymous said...

The Liberal experiment of importing communist, gang encouraging values of the late Jamaican leader Manley that Pierre Trudeau admired, has really worked out well for Toronto. Love of guns and fathering and abandoning as many children as possible with different mothers are also part of the culture as well as lots of drugs.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... fathering and abandoning as many children as possible with different mothers"

brah with the most shorties wins, apparently. never understood this... like some sort of stone age competition.

must be difficult for middle & upper class (as in successful & suburban) blacks to live down the antics of their multi-generational welfare suckin', irrationally violent jane-finch confreres.