24 October 2016

Never a guillotine around...

...when you really, really need one...dead broke

Electric vehicles are more expensive than conventional ones and have limited range, which decreases in cold weather. Who buys them? Rich people.

In Ontario, the Wynne government is giving public subsidies of up to $14,000 for electric vehicles, plus $1,000 for installing a home charging station. Plus four years of free electricity for overnight charging.

It’s also promised to work with Ottawa to eliminate the 13% HST on electric vehicles by 2018, spend $80 million on workplace and apartment charging stations and $20 million for 250 charging stations across Ontario.

All in, these subsidies mean, according to an analysis by the Fraser Institute, that the public will pay about $250 million to lower emissions by 0.03% in 2020 compared to 2014.
Off with their heads!!!


Anonymous said...

old white guy says............the libs will have to build more coal fired generating plants to produce the electricity.

Neo Conservative said...

or perhaps they can just round up all the old white guys (doctors, lawyers, guys who write history books) who have been a blot on their "just society" and put them in big hamster wheels to generate "power to the people".

i imagine "soylent green" isn't too far down the pike.


Martin said...

An insane Ont electricity policy just got worse with these developments.Most economists object to subsidies because they distort the market. In Ont we now have massive subsidies on the Supply side doled out to Liberal connected Wind Power companies. Even though Ont enjoys a surplus of power, the government keeps building more industrial plant (all of then in rural counties).The same government now turns around and Subsidizes the Demand side by promoting vehicles totally unsuited for Ont climate, and subsidizing electricity used to operate them. At the same time other government agencies promote electrical conservation. That the two actions are totally counter productive seems not to have occurred to Liberal policy wonks.
Finally Ont has announced a $1B deal with Quebec to purchase electricity.
This option was presented a decade ago as being cheaper than constructing billions of dollars of Wind capacity. Ont could have avoided the cost and environmental damage of hated Wind plants by simply buying Quebec and Man power in the first place. Only in Liberal Ont could such a bizarro world exist.

Neo Conservative said...

the important thing to remember here is kathleen wynne's rich donor friends all get to buy new taxpayer subsidised tesla sports cars for their kids.

that .03% reduction in greenhouse gases is just ice cream.


Bill E said...

I have had an electric scooter for 4 years now and it is great for putting around downtown or in the camp grounds and parks or for picking up a few groceries - never replace the F 150 for capacity or power but it does well for what it was intended - and it's cheap to buy, to run and there is no insurance to buy.

The problem with electric cars is they just don't have the technology to produce the power to weight ration needed for practical reliable all season transport.

Then again I have always said the leftist hate-on for the personal automobile has more to do with immobilizing the productive class and making them reliant. Re-read agenda 21 and the new supplement - makes it perfectly clear personal transport freedom has to go for the coming global autocracy