28 October 2016

I guess it's a little uncomfortable...

...climbing stairs... with George Soros hand up your ass...

Just hours after Associate Justice Antonin Scalia was reported dead on Feb. 13, 2016, the president of the Soros-founded Open Society Foundations also emailed Podesta.

“Remember our discussion of Wallace Jefferson, [former] Chief Justice in Texas?” Chris Stone asked cryptically.

Podesta replied: “Yup.”

FROM THE COMMENTS: Hey... see for yourself...
"Laughing so hard I can barely stand up. Beginning of clip HRC can be heard rudely saying 'Can't go back? Why can't you go any closer?'"

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Asking the mayor who spent 400 days eroding that trust to help restore it now that he’s been caught is stationing the fox outside the hen house.

If Clinton is serious about black lives — and not just black votes — this is a moment of truth.


Bill E said...

THe POdesta E-mails also talked of "wet works" in reference to Scalia's death. Hmmmmm

That twisted old demon Soros will be in jail under a Trump government - he'll have many cell mates from the Dem/Klinton crime family.

Neo Conservative said...

well, here's hoping.


Martin said...

One can't help thinking, if only these remarks could be distributed to the US daily news organizations, they just might influence the election. Oh but they already are...hadn't thought of that.

Neo Conservative said...

the msm, much like the education system is in the bag for whatever lefty argle-bargle is in vogue.

i'd love to see what happens after four years of trump.