28 March 2016

Your CBC in action

If they can get somebody to say it... they'll print it...he's not laughing now
"Regent Park resident and shooting victim Ceyon (C-Sick) Carrington 'always laughing,' friend says."
Yup, he sure looks like a barrel of, well... laughs.

Oh, wait, there's just one other small detail beneath the fold...
Carrington was one of two people charged in the Garden Restaurant attack in November 2014 that killed a 31-year-old Mississauga man and left two others injured.

The incident marks the city's 21st homicide of the year.
Has anybody else noticed that #BlackLivesOnlyMatter when the shooter is a cop?


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...stop themselves from using the hoary old phrase "turning his life around."
"Teaching kids basketball at the Regent Park Community Centre, the up-and-coming rapper was on his way to a recording studio."
The fact that somebody very methodically pumped five bullets into C-Sick suggests that he may not have been as far down the path to sainthood as Trawna Journos are suggesting.

Oh, look... right down in the very last paragraph...
Carrington was initially charged with first-degree murder, robbery and aggravated assault in the shooting death of Tariq Mohammed at the Garden Restaurant in November 2014.
Funny how all these guys with the way cool street names are such lead magnets.


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There's gotta be a less scary word that doesn't upset the diversity applecart...
According to police, Haaris Khan, 21, met with another man at 50 Thorncliffe Park Dr. on Monday, March 14 at 11:55 p.m., and an altercation took place between the two men.
An "altercation"... that's perfect.