01 March 2016

Forget about Trump

The real question is... "Why isn't there a wall in place already?"barren, glassy, glows in the dark

"The Mexican government has placed six states on high alert following the theft of a vehicle with radioactive material. That alert comes less than a year after Mexico had an almost identical case."


UPDATE: The race to the Whitehouse...

...just got interesting...
The three stages of Hillary denial...

1- I didn't do it.

2- If I did it, I didn't do it on purpose.

3- The rules are so complicated nobody can understand them.
One step closer to indictment.


Bill elder said...

Pretty easy bust, just look for the illegals that glow in the dark.

Neo Conservative said...

the concern is that there are reports of middle eastern men attempting to enter the usa through the porous mexican-texas border.

it's a good way to smuggle in radioactive material for a crude but effective dirty bomb.


Bill Elder said...

If that's the case Neo, I'm sure it's at the sanction of the spook wing of the security establishment - if there is no immanent threat of terror catastrophe the whole fear industry is out of work - they need to orchestrate a "near miss" cavalry arriving just in time event every now and then to make the trillion dollar security complex in place.

Neo Conservative said...

that's one school of thought.

or, how about some terrorist fuck sets off a dirty bomb on wall street and the world as we know it changes forever.


Bill Elder said...

If it happens they wasted their trillion a year on security didn't they? Who's fault is that? Who armed up and run public surveillance and pat downs but left the south gate open?

Not Me.

Neo Conservative said...

bill, pretty much everybody in the know agrees that this type of terrorist event... it's not a question of if it will happen... but simply when.

regardless of the fact that an experienced burglar will just kick in a basement window to gain entry to your house... i'll bet dollars to donuts you religiously lock your own front door every time you leave for work.

sometimes you do what you can... and hope it's enough to make the bad guys go next door looking for an easier target.


Bill Elder said...

I replaced my basement windows with glass block some years ago for that reason - if they try to enter it will have to be by forcing a door or window - all of which are visible to my neighbors, lighted when I'm away and patrolled by a mean SOB with a scatter gun and his attack spanials when I'm not ;-)

I have a habit of putting the dogs upstairs when I'm away (they sound like a 100lb Rotties when they hear anything outside) and not allowing anyone I do not know personally in the house (in case they are casing me). I have an auto switch which puts lights on and off in sequence after dark when I'm not home - the neighbor parks in my driveway when I'm gone for a week or more and folks on our little cul de sac are always watching out for strangers and their neighbor's property. Never had even a stray footprint on my property when there are B&Es going on all over the region.

- If our borders ran that way there would be no threat from "burglars".

Neo Conservative said...

"replaced my basement windows with glass block"

that's a hell of an idea. my basement windows are offset so i could put glass block right on the concrete sills inside the actual blind covered windows. if they break the windows, there's a second solid surprise layer of protection.

i suspect actual burglars are a little reluctant to travel up my 700 foot long fatal funnel of a driveway. there's no turning around til you get to the top... and lets just say, i am not without resources to detect and discourage malevolent intruders.

a number of my rural neighbours actually put out signs saying they have an alarm system. never understood why they would give out prior warning, especially to junkies, who are unstable and desperate enough to ignore the obvious smarter choice.

to paraphrase john bernard books in "the shootist"... it's not about who can go fastest or furthest... it's mostly about being willing to instantly, shall we say... rise to the occasion.

that 'willingness' is mostly about training yourself to recognise a threat and respond instantly. as an old strategist named bonaparte once said, "i may lose a battle, but i will never lose a minute."

i find some lunatic crackhead with a rusty screwdriver in his greasy mitts climbing the stairs to my bedroom at 4 in the morning... unlike justin trudeau i won't have to debate what i should do next.