31 March 2016

Couple or three kilograms...

...of medical or industrial radioactive waste... a case of dynamite... and Wall St is uninhabitable for the better part of a year...boomThink about it...

Harvard researcher Matthew Bunn revealed that extremist groups such as ISIS are “evolving” and could be armed with nuclear weapons in the near future.

The report on Managing the Atom by the US university researcher details the threat of three types of nuclear or radiological terrorism.
Never happen here, right? It'd be like some raggedy ass terrorist group bringing down the World Trade... oh.


Bill Elder said...

Well for what it's worth, if they try to nuke us, we'll bemonitoring their cell feed - shhhhh, don't tell Canadians the cops are using stingray.


So what if we throw a few mobsters back on the street we're eaves dropping on your mobile feed for the big one.

Neo Conservative said...

fwiw, the nsa has been monitoring and handing over all flagged canadian texts and emails to csis for some time now.

also, the capability to eavesdrop on cell phones with a "triggerfish" device was illustrated very clearly on the tv series "the wire" some years ago.

people don't care... the same way they don't care about the political parties selling influence at these $5000 a plate dinners. or that the liberals have actually doubled ontario's deficit since being in power from 2003.

will the electorate wake up? i'm not hopeful.

as for the new caliphate waging war against us, i'm with kathy shaidle... a tactical nuclear strike on tora-bora on sept 12 2001 would have gone a long way to avoiding our current geopolitical situation.