08 March 2016

I'm with Samuel L. Jackson

"Get those m************ snakes off my m************ country!!!"we're all gonna die

"How far north the snakes will spread into Canada — or south into cooler regions of South America — will depend on how much the world is able to cut greenhouse gas emissions, the study says."
Aieeeeeeeee!!! Save us, Saint Suzuki!


Pissedoff said...

Thought you were referring to all the lefty lunatics who have threatened to come here if Trump wins.

Neo Conservative said...

you've gotta love all the scary stories the lunatic left is trotting out to support their absurd agw agenda.

hey, maybe aliens will show up and offer to save us from ourselves.


Bill Elder said...

Is warming hysteria even in vogue now it is acknowledged warming has stopped 18 yrs ago and we are cooling?

I though the "climate change" abstraction deflected some of the poor credibility of leftard science - maybe the lefty hillbillies in the frozen white north didn't get the memo.

Anonymous said...

Selling this global warming hysteria is a easy task when you realize we are dealing with a cable tv gen who have a large X-files following who belive these shows were based on fact.

Neo Conservative said...

if it bleeds... it leads.