14 March 2016

It's a Justin world

The government is basically saying you can be arrested and convicted for something that will soon no longer be illegal, but don't worry, because you'll be granted amnesty for it later.
How come waitresses wearing skirts is sexist, but a man who raps about having threesomes without using protection gets to meet the PM?


BDFT said...

If they are going to to tax marijuana they will have to control it through law enforcement of some kind. Otherwise, the huge network of illegal dope growers will keep growing and selling and the government will get nothing. I think this is why there has been no movement on this. The Liberals can't figure out how to regulate this. They can't do anything about illegal cigarettes and do little or nothing about illegal booze. If they can't do anything about the illegal sale and distribution of marijuana now, how are they going to do anything about it when its legal?
It wouldn't be the first campaign promise Justin's broken, now would it?

Bill Elder said...

Liberals don't have morals, they have "values" - of course when you substitute universal moral absolutes for flexible self-indulgent "values" those values will become conflicted, - openly and often.

The pot crush is a good example - pot is bad if you grow it but not if the government does - just like the HRC see's nothing wrong with racist, misogynist, rsppers (of color) but white chicks in short skirts are immoral; we are returning to an era of puritanical witch hunts and superstition courtesy of regressive left mythos.

• Canadian Progressives – rich WASPS who think and vote like 3rd world ethnics.

Neo Conservative said...

"BDFT says... They can't do anything about illegal cigarettes and do little or nothing about illegal booze."

illegal cigarettes are being manufactured and sold largely by aboriginal peoples from reservations. so, don't look for any liberal initiatives in that area.

in fact there are a number of native bands who have applied to set up medical marijuana grow ops... and justin's "a new relationship" with his aboriginal pals is greenlighting this new industry.


Anonymous said...

Not going to get in a discussion about it here, but its worth looking into how it lowers IQ by 6 to 8 points.
They need to stop acting like there are no trade offs.
Everything has trade offs. An extreme example would be calcium supplements, which can kill you... unless your more likely to die from a hip injury.
I'm not trying to say weed kills, but rather you shouldn't ban it either, but instead allow more science and testing.
Examine under what circumstances things may occur or come into effect and why.
I think micro dosing is a useful consideration. The abuse of drugs is the issue. It's also absurd that the weed vote had an impact on the election. They basically voted for a government monopoly in some form or another.
They could of just elected a Libertarian party MP, but they had already told their supporters to vote CPC.
So with that in mind... how did the LPC even win by the margins they did with only 39%?
Let alone win Ontario in its last election. Not that anything can be done about either, this country has committed suicide via democracy on a whim and at the worst of times.
As for work clothes, why work at a place like that to begin with?
If they can't find any other work, they should place the blame back at government... asking for more intervention will only mean even less opportunity.
I find such places repulsive. Vote with your wallets. I don't see "hooters" surviving 10 years from now, regardless. It's in an al bundy timewarp.
The gov should of just shut it down full commie style cuz its ugly and bringing down property values.
They would of at least had a better argument.
Regardless the whole thing is a stupid practice. It's a waste of effort for my fellow capitalist to defend and not a hill we should ingloriously die on. Except Trump supporters... which are neither conservative or capitalist, let alone republican. So maybe that ship can sink with them.

Neo Conservative said...

"this country has committed suicide via democracy on a whim and at the worst of times."

sadly, that is my read as well.

the provincial liberals have doubled ontario's deficit in the last 12 years... gawd only knows where we'll be federally after 4 years of prime minister care bear.