03 March 2016

The Mack Daddy Chronicles

Dear Social Justice Warriors... I'm gonna go out on a limb here and guess that in, say... Fergus, Ontario, for example... being a "stylin' Pimp" is still a less coveted career choice than it is in, for instance, parts of metropolitan Toronto...stereotypes on steroidsStereotypes...they gotta come from somewhere, right?


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Higgins’s resignation came 10 days after a video circulated online through the Acadiana, La., ABC affiliate KATC in which he called for wanted members of the Gremlins gang to turn themselves in.

Addressing the suspected criminals, Higgins called the alleged gang-members “thugs,” “heathens,” and “animals.”
It's a brave new Care Bear world.


LAST WORD: I guess you just gotta believe


Bill Elder said...

You can run from the truth but you can't hide from reality; That should be the Sheriff's tag line to his PC detractors.

A forewarning to cultural Marxists the correction is coming - it appears that it is this correction driving Trump's landslide bipartisan support.

They try to censor him but his support goes up - American Marxists (ACLU/SPLC/MSM etc.) and their establishment enablers are scared - they must stop this electoral revolt against politically Correct autocracy (AKA Marxist control of public narrative/policy) - they've tried slander, they pulled the race card, They have censored and banned him, they are starting a Diebold ballot attack - I understand a "brokered convention" is in the works to steal the nomination from Trump. Still his support numbers rise - ignore or suppress this at your peril.

I'm gobsmacked at the mindset of American Marxism thinking that this regime of soviet era propaganda, political purging and speech crime censorship will work to stop this organic counter revolution of American constitutional populism - personified by Trump.

They should consider themselves lucky its ballots being fired against them because if the ballot box fails to correct the bullet box will inevitably be brought to bear. Cultural Marxism is a social tyranny and a cultural poison - one way or another, what we are seeing down south is a majority rejection of politically correct cultural Marxism and all its enablers and camp followers in the establishment political cabal.

Even Mike Huckabee can see this:

Bill Elder said...

Sorry should have told you to shuttle through that Huckabee video to the 5:03 mark to hear the most refreshing revelation to come from an MSM source in 50 years.

Neo Conservative said...

each and every one of these outbreaks of political correctness just serves to spotlight that donald trump is the only american political candidate who isn't afraid to call things by their proper names.

if trump had been president during 9/11, he would have, first... turned mecca into a smoking pile of ash and, second... built a hotel/casino/ theme park on the site.

people are tired of bluster and lies. trump says what's on everybody's mind. that's why he's getting that massive groundswell of support.