21 March 2016

I'm sure the government...

...is already crafting speeches about "Islamophobia"...paris again

POLICE and special forces troops have been told to prepare for up to 10 simultaneous terror attacks on the streets of London. •••

Army regiments outside London are also on standby to help the SAS and Metropolitan police in the event of a multiple target attack.

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Over this period, the percentage of the Canadian population that is Muslim has been doubling approximately every decade. In 1901, 0.0009% of the population was Muslim. As of 2011, it was 3.2%. When this consistent century-long growth rate is extrapolated into the future, Canada becomes a majority-Muslim country before 2050.


Bill Elder said...

"In another part of the coordinated response, the National Crime Agency has been instructed to prioritise a crackdown on illegal firearms to limit their availability for use in a Paris-style terrorist attack by trained jihadists."

Ah ha! I just knew those white gun nutz were behind this!

Neo Conservative said...

if only they could take all those shotguns away from the fundamentalist turnip farmers.