02 March 2016

Last refuge of conformist cowards...

..."We were only following orders"...jawohl, mein fuhrer

Last month National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd testified that his agents have been told not to bother arresting illegal immigrants, meaning the migrants never get into the criminal justice system, and the administration’s numbers don’t look so bad.

Mr. Judd said illegal immigrants without serious criminal convictions have learned that by claiming they came before 2014 — without even needing to show proof — they can be released immediately.

Customs and Border Protection Commission R. Gil Kerlikowske told Border Patrol agents who object to President Obama’s amnesty policies that it’s time to “look for another job.” Mr. Kerlikowske even appeared to acknowledge problems with the demoralized workforce.

Just minutes before he told agents to quit, he had told the committee that he’s having trouble filling the number of slots Congress has funded.

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WESLACO – The federal government will have fewer agents patrolling the border by next fiscal year.

Under the proposed budget released by the Department of Homeland Security, the agency is budgeting for 300 fewer agents in 2017 than they did for this fiscal year.
No wonder people are turning to Trump.


Bill Elder said...

I find the bluster and feigned outrage and threats of lawsuits over tis border policy by the GOP to be so obviously bogus , in light of the fact ample evidence exists to have impeached this POTUS and his generals 3 years ago

- Obama must have some real dirt to blackmail Gop with to keep that inevitable impeachment at bay while he engages in open treason.

Neo Conservative said...

that's the trouble with living in today's "barney the dinosaur" world... nobody wants to be seen as the mean (ie: racist, transphobic, etc.) guy... even when you have the unimpeachable evidence on your side.