03 March 2016


suicide by justin

"Those ponies don't buy themselves"


Bill Elder said...

Someone in the insider entourage running things for our absent Dauphin, has an agenda to get us into the IMF's global currency ahead of the other faultering western currencies.

Best way to do that is borrow us into insolvency, crash the dollar value by liquidating tangible reserves them pimp the nation as a sub-sub-sub subprime bond fund to diversified players in the IMF - The Canuck subprime bond bubble will burst as our carbon friendly poor GDP puts us in default, and for collateral payback the IMF will demand we take on their global currency as ours and valuate that currency with all future national resource GDPs as currency reserve.

The next panic bond issue will be the last loan we will ever make as a sovereign nation.

Welcome to post-national economics folks. We are about to become a wholly owned subsidiary of UN Inc.

Neo Conservative said...

have you heard his latest?

even if one of his pet refugees does commit a terrorist act... justin says he won't have any regrets.