12 March 2016


"Rosemary's Baby."


Martin said...

Barton returns to her silly goose antics in the presence of a liberal leader. think of her embarrassing performance during the Obama visit some years past. This alone should have prevented her getting the P&P host assignment, but the face book posting shows she has not matured. CBC refuses to enforce their own objectivity standards, but those footing the bill ($!,!B and rising), deserve better. Instead of sober, unbiased, analytical reporting, CBC offers adolescent Liberal cheer leading from Rosie Barton.

Neo Conservative said...

the qualification for being an on air reporter are that you can read the teleprompter.

of course, if your dad was a former liberal cabinet minister, you can really go places... just ask amanda lang.


Bill Elder said...

Harper's greatest mistakes:

* Did not pull the plug on the CBC (and sue defaming MSM into oblivion)

* Did not pull the plug on CRTC regulating "content"

* Did not follow up on the Gomrey findings and indict Chretien, Peltier and bankrupt the Liberal party in court

* Did not change the Immigration law

* Did not repeal the Liberal gun law in its entirety

* Did not entrench property rights and self defense in the charter

* Did not make these changes irreversible by a majority government by requiring changes of the acts go to provincial approval and public referenda

All these undone needs have come back to bite Harper (and mostly us) in the ass

Neo Conservative said...

hindsight, of course, is always 20/20.


Anonymous said...

not hindsight Neo , all these issues were presented by the party to him at 2 policy conventions

- believe it or not, Harper had some career-long advisers like cliff fryers and don plett who whispered in his ear to: "stay away from the nuts in the party who love their guns and hate CBC"

The only Member of the Harper caucus who faithfully carried forth the party memberships agenda was Gary Breitkruz, who pushed for repeal of C68, property rights, immigration reform, house and senate reform and open airwaves - so he was back benched for 3 terma