11 March 2016

The premier of Ontario...

"...has taken an important stand on the issue of unnamed donors paying thousands of dollars for private meetings with her and her staff..."

She’s in favour of it. •

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The handguns will be carried by a number of officers stationed throughout Queen’s Park, Speaker Dave Levac said.
...but not for you.


Martin said...

The foreign based wind energy hucksters propped up by the Liberal government, have access to the Premier of Ont.The medical and economic victims of rapacious Industrial wind development do not. McGuinty-Wynne ministers turned their back on wind opponents and refused to even talk with any of the victims. After a pledge from Wynne of no more intrusion where not wanted, 4 more developments were announced yesterday in communities passing Not a willing host resolutions. What part of NO does Wynne not understand?

Bill Elder said...

“It’s part of the democratic process,” Premier 2moms sez

I missed the part in the textbook definition which said democracy is a political system which represents the interests of a small donor class and unconnected schmucks get to go pound sand with their wishes - wasn't in my edition of Webster's

Perhaps she's dyslexic and got the definition of Plutocracy and democracy mixed up - or maybe she's a product of the public de-Education system which holds any definition is correct if you believe it to be so.

Neo Conservative said...

shorter premier wynne... "it's a liberal thing... you wouldn't understand."


Bill Elder said...

Re: Wynn's (armed) warriors: "Protection for me but not for thee" -

* yes, it's a liberal thing *

The Marxist aristocracy

Neo Conservative said...

funny how the folks with the 24/7 detail of armed bodyguards are always the loudest advocates of gun control... for other people.