31 March 2016

Apparently, very close proximity to the...

..."offender" part of the "continuum" is known to occasionally produce life-altering consequences...

continuum my ass

Voelzing was due to complete a two-year graduate program in victimology in April. • "I hope to use my skills and understanding of victims rights and needs as well as the victim-offender continuum to work with and support youth." •
Unfortunately, it seems "youth" wasn't willing to return the favour...
Sources told CBC News that four other people were at the home on Sonnet Crescent when a man showed up at the front door with a gun around 5 a.m. A man inside the house also had a gun.
I imagine this girl's family and friends are belatedly wishing she'd chosen... instead of a career in catch & release "social justice"... to go to Veterinary School down in Guelph.


Frances said...

Neo - hate to burst that particular bubble, but getting into vet school is harder than getting into med school. Five vet schools across Canada (Calgary is a come-lately member) and all very regional.

Know family member who ended up in eastern Europe as didn't qualify for the regional vet uni and others wouldn't consider an application (vet college in PEI wouldn't look at our Westerner, even when volunteered to pay the same tuition at the Americans they were accepting). All ended well: our relative found the European style of teaching just what was wanted, and has returned home to a rewarding career, though not without much additional study.

Bill Elder said...

"a two-year graduate program in victimology " -certainly graduated as a true victim, but not the kind her profs prepared her for.

My wife started as a social worker in troubled native youth programs in Alberta - she quit when things got a little too personal and the troubled youth showed up t her door thinking she had a kink for native kids. She wised up and went into rehab work for insurance companies.

She told me that she was convinced the liberal-fxxked up justice system uses social workers as sacrificial lambs for the fallout of their justice policies. I believe her.

In that regard the headline for this poor girl should read: " white guilt syndrome claims another victim" what a horrible waste of a bright promising young life - had she survived this brush with "society's victims", I'm sure she'd be a life long conservative crusading for justice reform

Neo Conservative said...

"bill elder says... had she survived this brush with "society's victims"

they say a liberal is simply a conservative who hasn't been mugged yet.

"frances says... getting into vet school is harder than getting into med school."

actually, that surprises me not at all. i wasn't commenting on how qualified or valued vets are... rather that, in retrospect, this woman's surviving friends and family likely rue her choice to rub up against a "bit of rough" as our brit forebearers would say.

had this woman gone to welding school, she would have been less likely to be hanging out at a residence at 5am with one gunman at the door and another similarly strapped on the couch beside her.

additionally, had anyone thought to call the police when they first became aware their friend inside the house was packing... this woman would still be alive.


Anonymous said...

No description of the perp? How come?

Neo Conservative said...

if the shooter isn't a cop, the msm doesn't much care.