05 March 2016

Yet another Justin metaphor...

...looks cute, but it ain't gonna plow the driveway...more toys

“The only thing about it is that it’s not legal anywhere,” says Anderson.
You can't plate it, insure it or even legally leave your garage... but the media goes apesh!t anyway.


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The death was raised at Monday’s sitting of the Senate National Security and Defence Committee, where Canadian Security Intelligence Service director Michel Coulombe testified about the 180 extremists who had left Canada to take part in terrorism.
Yup... this guy's about as Canadian as a severed head.


UPDATE: Covering his terrorist-lovin' asstrudeau terroristThat's funny... Justin forgot to mention that before he jumped the immigration lines with 25,000 unvetted Muslims.


LAST WORD: All Pork, All the Time

Hey, dumbstick... maybe that "P" word doesn't mean what you think it means...trudeau liar
MacNaughton was Ontario co-chairman of Trudeau’s election campaign. He also worked in Dalton McGuinty’s Liberal government with many senior party members, including the prime minister’s chief of staff, Katie Telford, and principal secretary, Gerald Butts. He was Telford’s former employer at StrategyCorp, a Toronto-based lobbying firm.
Looks like all the usual Libranos are ridin' the Pony real hard.


Bill Elder said...

Dead Canadians are acceptable collateral for Justin to act out his altruistic Pop-star fantasies - his Canada exists nowhere but in his under-developed mind.

The responsibility of doing the wrong thing for right reasons escapes his selfieness. As the bodies and cultural/civil wreckage of his foolhardy policies pile up around him he will retreat his safe place of sanctimonious self righteous isolation while the party throws some underling to the angry mob.

I see a insurrection forming in the Librano ranks. Perhaps some adults will reclaim control of policy if only to escape being lynched with their mentally handicapped boy leader.

I say we indict the prancing imbecile if one of his ISIS migrants injures even one Canadian - He owns the fallout and now we see the gutless little 'tard trying to deflect that responsibility. .

Martin said...

From the comments at WNDTV in USA,reaction to Jr's 60 minutes rift
Most are not impressed with The Can PM

ksoileau • a day ago
Trudeau? Never heard of her. ;)
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Justin Playfair ksoileau • a day ago
I think she draws a cartoon for the newspapers or something.

Neo Conservative said...

"I think she draws a cartoon for the newspapers or something."