17 March 2016

Pull his string and he'll parrot...

...some meaningless argle-bargle he learned from his Uncle Fidel...

Trudeau did not specify how his government's approach to such arms sales would differ, other than to say he's committed to "openness, transparency and rigour around values the world expects."
Justin better legalise dope before people actually start listening to what he's saying.


Bill elder said...

Beauty! That 3rd toke zonker is right up there with his promise to rethink the fundamentals of time and space.

I'm convinced, yessir - - we gots us a gen-you-wine walkin' talkin' imitating a PM - just as sure as Pinocchio has wooden balls

BDFT said...

He won't cancel the arms deal because he's worried about global business but when it comes to oil and gas he'll kick Petronas Shell Or Exxon right in the balls and laugh in their faces. I guess the Saudis pay better baksheesh.

Neo Conservative said...

"bdft says... he'll kick Petronas Shell Or Exxon right in the balls"

justin pledged 5 billion dollars in aid in his first few weeks in office... none of which will end up in canadian hands.

just something to think about as you're sitting in your local hospital emergency room for seven hours with a sick fevered child in your lap.