23 March 2016

Hussein Obama's magic words...

...“Credible fear of persecution”...

Hundreds of illegal immigrants from terror hotspots are using what critics describe as loopholes in U.S. immigration policy to try to remain in the country indefinitely.

The finding that asylum seekers from turbulent Middle Eastern and African countries are now using this phrase to gain entry and remain on U.S. soil has raised security concerns on Capitol Hill.

Brandon Judd, president of the National Border Patrol Council said, "The vast majority we arrest are telling our agents that they are coming because they know they will be released."

Judd claims supervisors at the Mexican and Canadian borders have told agents not to bother turning other immigrants over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement since "they won't be deported anyway."

Judd said anyone who claims they've been living in the U.S. continuously from prior to 2014 is not even being turned over to ICE and given a “Notice to Appear” in court.

"At least a NTA required them to show up in court. What we have now is amnesty through policy," Judd said. "We are flat-out letting them go."

Requests for comment from the Department of Homeland Security were not returned.

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religion of peace
"Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel, in a televised news conference, said “dozens” are dead and wounded in the blasts. He said blasts were an attack on freedom, comparing Brussels to Paris and, before it, London and Madrid."
Yup... who could possibly have seen this coming? Certainly not Justin, or his friend Barack Hussein.


UPDATE: Two dead bombers Id'd
A day after the triple blasts that killed some 30 people and left around 250 injured, in an operation claimed by the Islamic State jihadist group, RTBF television said police had identified two suicide attackers as Khalid and Ibrahim El Bakraoui.

LAST WORD: Just when you thought...

...it couldn't get any worse...
British Defence Secretary Michael Fallon was asked if there was a danger of Isis acquiring nuclear weapons. He replied: “Yes, this is a new and emerging threat.” Fallon said it was obviously a concern that a non-state actor with finance and know-how could acquire nuclear weapons.
Hmmm... nuclear, nuclear... that sounds so familiar...
Energy utility Electrabel is evacuating Belgium's two nuclear power plants in the wake of Tuesday's terrorist attacks in Brussels. In February, investigators probing the Paris attacks found video footage of a senior Belgian nuclear official at the property of a key suspect.
Relax folks, Prime Minister SexyFace says we have nothing to worry about.


Brenton Siddons said...

good thing we are bringing our F18's home...thats the second major terrorist attack since Junior made his announcement...

Neo Conservative said...

strangely, cutting & running and bringing our air assets home (as well as taking in 25,000 muslim refugees)
doesn't seem to have made much of a favourable impression on ayanie hassan ali.

i'm not sure... short of kissing actual islamic ass where justin intends to go from here.


Bill Elder said...

PM "sexy face" - awww Neo that's just too sweet to let die a virgin insult, I'm stealing it.

"sexy face foreign policy" or "sexy pantz soft power" will replace Canadian foreign policy and "soft power" on the global stage - as Canada rushes headlong to catch up to Europe in developing our own imported Jihad so fashionable among globalist Liberals

- we've been dragging butt here, all our Islamic terror has been confined to less than 3 victims, certainly an underachievement by Global standards, aren't you so glad we have PM sexy face working on improving the ISIS domestic kill rate?

Just be grateful we have leadership which cares so deeply about keeping up with the Belgians.