29 March 2016

Wookie Rules

The federal government is taking steps to fine schools that do not comply with first lady Michelle Obama’s school lunch rules.
Because it's not like the Feds have any other serious shit on their plate right at the moment.


UPDATE: Well, you wanted to know...
Here's what Sasha and Malia Obama are getting at the Sidwell Friends School ("the Harvard of Washington's private schools at$30,000+ per year") in Washington, D.C.
Surprise, huh?


Anonymous said...

Maybe the staff will get the same gourmet meals the students have to eat....I wonder if that would smarten up the school boards...heaven forbid the first family girls should have to indulge in such fine dining...they would be very unhappy.... mind you I have yet to see a photo of the girls where they are smiling...

Neo Conservative said...

if 'mrs prime minister care bear' gets similarly involved in the political process, perhaps she can replace that boring old algebra with hot yoga.

sunny ways, dude!


Frances said...

If Mrs Obama doesn't insist her girls get the same menu at their school as she's forcing other children to eat, then she's just another bullying hypocrite.

Neo Conservative said...

"frances says... If Mrs Obama doesn't insist her girls get the same menu..."

you do know where the obama princesses go to school, right?

main post updated.