29 March 2016

Think it can't happen here?

Wishes didn't make dreams come true... in Paris and Belgium and...

not if... but when

Where will it occur?

In order for an ISIS inspired or ordered attack to take place, a local network of sympathetic followers is required for logistics support (food, shelter, transportation, comms etc). This means Montreal, Mississauga or Calgary as the most likely locations. Other include Ottawa and the GTA.
(via BCF)


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LAST WORD: Hussein Obie bails from Turkey
WASHINGTON (AP) — The State Department and Pentagon ordered the families of U.S. diplomats and military personnel Tuesday to leave posts in southern Turkey due to "increased threats from terrorist groups" in the country.
That's right Barry... flee, flee... run away!!!


fernstalbert said...

Large urban centres - Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver are soft targets. Even more attractive as urban dwellers live in a state of denial and PC culture. Wherever people gather there is a prime opportunity for 12th century Muslim zealots. Jihadist outreach does not discriminate - every man, woman and child has an equal opportunity to experience the peace and harmony.

Bill Elder said...

I would like to believe this can never happen in Canada, but we have already had our federal seat of government attacked twice (one failed attempt and one shooting rampage),we recently see a CAF recruiting center attack - and a sense of morbid anticipation of more heinous events pervades the more astute among us.

I like to think Canadians are a cut above Euros when it comes to being made a sucker. Even though Trudeau/CBC fooled them into another Librano regime, they did not vote to become the new world Brussels.

I would like to think that any terror event in Canada's heartland would have negative electoral repercussions for the political regimes which open us to this.

You would like to think this, but there's a nagging little voice in the back of your head telling you anyone who would put up with the endless fraudulent, (and increasingly insane) narratives spun by the social engineering left, will certainly be a cuck for the fallout of their failed social engineering vanity projects.

Martin said...

In a sense it already has happened here. Canada has been extremely fortunate thus far, that our security forces have identified targets and thwarted terrorist plots. For thanks, apprehended terrorists paroled back on the streets after a few years, and deemed not deportable to their other dual domicile. We may not always be so lucky.

The jihadist who murdered Cpl Cirillo at the war memorial was counting on easy fish in a barrel shooting at the House. Instead he encountered a most unlikely Parliamentary official, Kevin Vickers, armed with a 9 mm and determined to empty into his worthless body. But for the courageous shooting by Vickers, what might the carnage have been in our Parliament?
There are those in positions of power uncomfortable with armed officials anywhere; what is their policy toward forceful, instant retaliation? I wonder.

Neo Conservative said...

"martin asks... what is their policy toward forceful, instant retaliation?"

justin trudeau wants to bring back terrorists deported by the harper government... so i'd guess their policy is "grab your ankles" submission.


Rich said...

As mentioned above, already we have had two terrorist plans (maybe more) that went past the musing stage and were headed to the action stage.
The first...the bomb plot which was foiled when the authorities got involved and shipped phony explosives to the terrorists and they were later arrested.
The second involved plans to drop a bridge with a passenger train on it using explosives which would have killed everyone.
So we are fortunate that these two were intercepted; each would have been larger than most other explosive attacks which have occurred worldwide.
We certainly are a target the animals have in mind, and it will happen again.
Tell me again Mr. Pseudo-prime-minister, how we are just fighting the extremists and we are not at war with them....it sure looks like we are from THEIR actions.
But technically, that's no big deal actually...if it is true we are not at war with these monsters then I guess the provisions of the Geneva Convention do not apply. It appears that summary execution and the use of banned weapons are possible as ISIS does not fall under the "rules of war".

Sunni Ways !

Anonymous said...

Anyone that thinks Trudeau would suffer politically because of an attack here hasn't been paying attention. If anything it'd probably raise his poll numbers. His voters WANT attacks.

Neo Conservative said...

justin has already told canadians exactly where he stands
on acts of domestic terrorism resulting from his pet
refugee project.