24 March 2016

UPDATE: Ghomeshi ruling - NOT GUILTY...

...on all charges...

The judge said the first complainant's evidence seemed valuable when delivered to the prosecution, but that it "suffered irreparable damage" under cross-examination when she "was exposed as a witness willing to withhold" evidence from the prosecution, the police and the court.

"It's clear that she breached her oath to tell the truth," the judge said.
by Laura Fraser 10:29 AM
More coming...
When describing an email sent hours after the alleged choking incident in which DeCoutere said he "kicked her ass last night" which made her "want to fuck him... Tonight."

"There is not a trace of animosity, regret, or offence taken," in that message, the judge said.
by Laura Fraser 10:52 AM
Well, that's fairly (what the judge appears to be feeling, I mean) unambiguous.

Winding up, it seems...
The judge explains that a reasonable doubt must come from the evidence, the judge said. "You must remember it is virtually impossible to prove anything to an absolute certainty," the judge said.

If you are sure the accused is guilty you must convict, but if you have doubt -- or even think someone "is probably guilty" but are not quite certain -- you must acquit, Horkins said.
by Laura Fraser 11:16 AM
The Crown faces a difficult bar of proof to meet, the judge acknowledged. Because there's no "smoking gun," no physical evidence that the prosecution can point to in order to support the witnesses.

Instead, the court must rely solely on the word of the witnesses, Horkins said.

But it's clear that each witness was "less than full and frank" in their statements to media, police and the court.
by Laura Fraser 11:21 AM
It's over...
Ghomeshi is found not guilty on all charges.
by Laura Fraser 11:26 AM

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...not a "Justice System"...
“We represent people who have committed heinous acts — acts of violence, acts of depravity, acts of cruelty,” she quipped. “Or as Jian Ghomeshi likes to call it, foreplay.”

Ms Marie Henein, Jian Ghomeshi's own defense lawyer, speaking at the Ontario Criminal Lawyers’ Association Gala.
Ask a Canadian news magazine...
Jian Ghomeshi’s behaviour was an open secret, going back to his university days. Not that anyone took action. In fact, the CBC made him a star.
Ball bounces, cookie crumbles.


LAST WORD: Cookie crumbles hard
Laura Fraser
Madness here. We tried to shout live video w/Crown while being held back by police. Topless protester threw herself into the scrum.
11:59 AM - 24 Mar 2016
Something for everyone apparently.


Marek Zyskowski said...

I don't like the verdict but the witnesses really didn't seem reliable. It is the right verdict but I feel bad for the victims.
I think Mr. Ghomeshi even though he was not found guilty will not find work easily. Who would want to hire him now. It would not surprise me if the CBC took him back.

Bill Elder said...

If we had a "justice system", the father or brothers of his victims would have left him walking with a limp to remind him that these women he uses like a punching bag are someone's daughter or sister.

The verdict is what you would expect given the retroactive nature of the crimes and the fallibility of accurate testimony.

Neo Conservative said...

the macleans article showed that he has been mistreating women for 30 years and got away scot-free.

there was no need for the women to twist testimony to ensure a conviction... they would have had to swallow some embarrassing shit... but that happened anyway.

mrs neo says they did it to themselves and i have to agree.

this should have been a slam dunk.