07 March 2016

Violent, knuckle-draggin' NeoConserv...

...wait a minute...and mlk wept
Who exactly, shows up to a protest packing bottles of urine?

That whirring sound you hear is the Mahatma spinning in his grave.


Neo Conservative said...

broken link fixed... my bad.


Bill Elder said...

Neo asks: “Who exactly, shows up to a protest packing bottles of urine?”

Someone who wants to impose their psychosis on society – of course they will label it a political cause or crusade, but most of the motivations which drive people to these public displays of anger over petty personal issues and false perceptions is psychosis.

Since the 60s our society has been victimized by psychotics using politics as encounter group therapy.

BTW I think this reporter is making a grave mistake in not prosecuting this to the fullest extent of the law and then suing this psycho back into the asylum - doing nothing sends a message that alternate media and alternate opinion are free fire targets for every piss-slinger with a psychotic tic.

Neo Conservative said...

"psychotics using politics as encounter group therapy."

the raging cult of contemporary victimhood clearly dominates what used to be called news.

i truly fear for my country.