18 March 2016

So I guess the media's "working theory"...

...is that Toronto cops are picking off Sammy's homies, one by one... and obviously, the best way to test that hypothesis is to put it to a grieving mother...police death squad again

"He was my baby. I know this will turn out like Sammy Yatim," the mother told VICE, making note that Alex was a good friend of police shooting victim Sammy Yatim, who was killed on a Toronto streetcar back in 2013.
Listening to the family... and apparently that's where 99% of the current media narrative originates... it seems that Alex Wetlaufer was a model citizen...
Since graduating high school, Alex had focused on working out, had recently completed the army’s required aptitude tests and was “just waiting for the call,” [brother] Michael said, adding that his brother was in peak physical condition.
Well, that certainly sounds impressive... working out for 3 years to realise a career ambition... inspired by your dead father, no less.

I'm pretty sure that most wannabe soldiers just show up and enlist, but what the heck. According to his brother, Alex was a focused, determined tough-minded individual. We're talking Luke Skywalker material here. Still, it's a little hard to fathom why this young man had been sitting around in Toronto's too often squalid Community Housing, waiting years to "get his soldier on."

When you cut to Alex's mother, she, not surprisingly, paints a somewhat different picture...
Wendy Wettlaufer, Alex’s mother, told CP24 that someone from the family was on the phone with him moments before he was shot. “He was crying, saying that he’s being surrounded.”
Wait a minute. You're on the run from an 'armed to the teeth' SWAT Team... (why run and make yourself a target if you're an innocent bystander?) and then you stop and make a hysterical phone call to your mom... AND THEN she hears you being murdered? That sounds like the plot of a really bad movie.


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She wasn't there, she didn't see, but hells bells, let's go with that anyway...
The sister of the 21-year-old man shot and killed by police officers in North York says she believes he was unarmed at the time of the incident.
She "believes" he was unarmed? Sweet Baby Jebus. Is this what they teach in J-School, or is it yet another example of CBC's "just phone it in" activism?

Perhaps, instead of career military, Alex Wetlaufer would have been more suited to social work... you know, play to your experience...
The family (Alex was one of ten children) has lived in the Toronto Community Housing neighbourhood for more than 30 years.
Of course, if Justin has his way, our military will all be turned into unarmed social justice advocates anyway.


LAST WORD: If the shoot was a mistake...

...it was a big one... because three separate SWAT trained officers apparently felt Alex Wetlaufer was threatening their lives...alex wetlaufer
The civilian agency released new information Wednesday, confirming that three officers discharged their firearms during the incident, though it’s not clear how many times Wettlaufer was shot or which of the officers’ bullets hit him.
Unforrtunately, unlike Alex's family, the officers are not permitted to speak about the incident...
The civilian watchdog says it cannot reveal whether Wettlaufer was armed because the investigation is ongoing. The vital piece of information may not be provided until the probe is completed, a process that typically takes several months, or up to a year.

UPDATE: Here's a crazy thought...

...let's talk to somebody who isn't related to the deceased...
Sources have told CP24 that the man was armed with a handgun when he was shot. He was rushed to hospital, where he was later pronounced dead.

UPDATE2: The other side of the story
Toronto police officers from the force’s tactical unit negotiated with Alex Wettlaufer for at least 15 minutes before firing their weapons, killing the young man who a police source says was armed with either a real or replica gun.
And it appears as though he may not have been eligible to enlist in the military after all...
Court documents show Wettlaufer was facing three criminal charges at the time of his death, dating back to an October 2014 incident. Alongside three other accused, Wettlaufer faced one of robbery for allegedly stealing a cellphone and one count of assault causing bodily harm, for allegedly attacking two people.

Wettlaufer alone was charged with the unauthorized possession of a knife that opens through the use of centrifugal force — a weapon that requires a licence.

All of the charges against Wettlaufer were before the court at the time of his death
Wonder how the family feels about being manipulated by the media now?


UPDATE3: Hammer Time
Loku said to the officers: “What you gonna do, come on, shoot me.”
Sew... reap... case closed.


UPDATE4: The Usual Dumbsticks


Bill Elder said...

Maybe they wanted check the stopping power on those new c-4 colts?

I've shot beside these SWAT cowboys - a lot aren't stable.

Neo Conservative said...

gotta disagree here, bill.

while the average line cop is much less skilled with a handgun than his civilian counterpart (in my ipsc days, i was shooting hundreds of rounds every weekend)... in my experience, dedicated (fulltime) swat teams such as those in toronto are incredibly skilled & professional. it was a point of pride that, for many years, this outfit had never had to kill anyone.

my real beef here is that the media has so obviously decided to turn this into a 'death squad' media extravaganza by only considering one side of the story and relying solely on the family's version of events (none of whom were actual witnesses).

there is no consideration of the damage the vulture media is doing to the officer's lives and/or reputations. winding up the grieving relatives is just as despicable.

this isn't about publishing facts. the media's only rule is, 'if it bleeds, it leads.'


Bill Elder said...

My complaint is the secrecy of police - like "months" to come to some internal finding???

Frig that! Righteous shoot or bad, the public and particularly the family, need to know. The court should step in here with a writ to produce evidence. If the kid had a real gun and was brandishing it at police I doubt this long secret investigation would ensue.

I have issues with cops investigating cops in the first place, but I will ALWAYS have deep suspicions of these SWAT cowboys - especially after the Rambo antics I've personally witnessed from SWAT team cowboys on our range. Believe me this isn't just about some media bleeding heart circus - it really is a public safety issue.

I figure that between the cops and the media the public is so touch-hair hysterical about guns that the original witness who phoned the complaint in was probably wrong, overreacted , was all amped up (kid had no gun or maybe a pellet gun) and the cops totally overreact as they do on ALL firearms callers. I can tell you a hundred horror stories about hunters or target shooters being confronted in their driveway by SWAT after a hysteric "witness" sees them loading a legal gun into the car - how many kids are shot or nearly shot for playing with toy guns airsofts or LMV pellet pistols)?? - the gun hysteria thing is real and it's gonna get someone killed - maybe this is one, maybe not - but we deserve to know the truth without all the secrecy and media-crown inquest circus.

Neo Conservative said...

"bill elder says... "months" to come to some internal finding???"

that's the siu talking... they have their internal protocols which are not designed to serve the police community.

i'm guessing the "subject officers" in this incident are incredibly frustrated to have been forced not to speak up in their own defense.

i'm sure there are dickhead cops (you see plenty in the american media) and i do not discount your experience... but i have not seen that myself when it comes to swat teams.

if three of toronto's etf guys unloaded on alex wetlaufer... there was a reason. is there a chance he didn't have a gun? of course... but trust me... these guy's biggest fear... almost beyond getting shot themselves... is killing an innocent or a bystander.

the one-sided reporting here is a travesty and serves neither the public nor wetlaufer's family... but i guess it gets eyeballs & sells advertising space.


Neo Conservative said...

main post updated.


Bill Elder said...

I Give you points for holding these asshat pamphleteers to the fire - pretty much anything published by "Vice" is sheep dip and proggy porn.

Kid had a weapons/hold up rap sheet - suspect this had any effect on the police response?

Bill Elder said...

"a police source with knowledge of the investigation says Wettlaufer was carrying a gun, though it is not yet clear if it was real or a replica."

Uh huh, the smoking er ah, "airsoft" emerges - can you tell an airsoft from a glock through a 10 power Leupold? I can, you'd think professionals can too.

keep us apprised of the developments Neo - always love hearing about 'tranna's troubles.

Anonymous said...

Update 3 handgun linky no workee

Neo Conservative said...

"bill elder asks... suspect this had any effect on the police response?"

bill, i'd guess none whatsoever.

these guys are the best of the best and train regularly with canada's jtf2 unit. they don't panic and they don't overreact. they are cutting edge hostage negotiators first and trigger-pullers second. i've heard team members state they regard taking a life as a last resort and indeed a mission failure.

if the incident commander greenlit mr wetlaufer, it was because alex brought a weapon into play. note that alex wetlaufer is only the third person the etf has had to put down in the 51 years it has existed.

fwiw... you do realise that even when an officer is totally justified in firing on a civilian, (even when returning fire)... the city is on the hook for, at minimum, hundreds of thousands of dollars. even an armed robber gunned down outside a bank is regarded as wrongful death.

never mind that sane people don't take lives without suffering some personal trauma themselves. no one considers that cops involved in stuff like this often suffer horribly even after being cleared by siu.

perhaps the rest of sammy yatim's pals will reconsider carrying around weapons and try fitting into the larger field of folk... before they too end up paying the piper.


Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... Update 3 handgun linky no workee"

my bad... i'll find it and fix it.


Bill Elder said...

That's an impressive record for 51 yrs of facing down armed psychos, can's say the standardsare that high with the regionals or the the TO force
Yatim was a clean shoot but double tapping a an old dude wth a hammer?

Then there's this us 'n them thing - " even an armed robber gunned down outside a bank is regarded as wrongful death."

I wish I had he same leeway police do if I confront an armed intruder in my home - the cop will walk, I'll face murder charges.

Neo Conservative said...

"bill elder says... the cop will walk"

tell that to constable james forcillo.


Bill Elder said...

"bill elder says... the cop will walk"

tell that to constable james forcillo.


Or tell that to Ian Thompson.

Perhaps with Forcillo the crown is trying (in their own blundering hammer handed way)to equalize the official stigmatization of justified armed self defense by putting a token Cop through the legal system meat grinder in the same way they do with citizens like Ian Thompson and hundreds like him (except a citizen would be automatically criminally charged for acting as Forcillo did).

There IS a dual standard in prosecuting justified armed self defense - has been so ever since police politicians and the authoritarian left governments decided to ignore our CCC Sections 34 to 42 right to self defense and called all our other rights "privileges".

In years past there has been no comparison between the legal shit tsunami a citizen faced for defending his home/life with his shotgun and the relative hall pass police get for doing the same thing. That has to end - to the benefit of both police and civilian alike.