01 October 2008

G & M discovers more police death squads

Of course, the headline should actually read... "Suspected armed robber dies resisting arrest"... but that just ain't gonna sell too many papers...

Police tried to subdue the agitated man, but he tried to run back into the house, Cpl. Thiessen said.

“At that point, believing that he was a possible armed robbery suspect, the fact that the firearm was unaccounted for and the fact that there was a known female still inside … officers used their taser in an effort to restrain this individual, which they subsequently did,” the officer said.
And you have to check out the raving moonbats in the commments.
1) "Just another police murder."

2) "The Mounties didn't 'subdue' Robert Dziekanski with a Taser. They killed him with one."

3) "I'd be agitated too if the cops show up intent on killing me. Just another day in Harper's Canada."

4) "When is somebody going to take those portable electric chairs away from those yahoo cops."

5) "Police State is here alive and well in Canada."
And yes... as per usual... it's a pretty selective outrage.


UPDATE: Hey, freaks, the next time...

...you or a family member is attacked by a criminal... try calling the John Howard Society.
Days after a 14-year-old girl was murdered on a walking path in Edson, Alta., RCMP officers say another woman was attacked along the same trail system.

The woman in her 20s was attacked on Tuesday afternoon as she travelled on a walking path close to where the body of Emily Stauffer, 14, was discovered on Saturday.
It's true... a Liberal, or a Dipper, is a Conservative who hasn't been mugged... yet.


LAST WORD: The dog ate the Globe's homework
"A witness to an earlier bank robbery had followed the getaway car to the home."
Funny how that little factoid got lost in the shuffle.

P.S. -- the Globe shut down the comments shortly after midnight... after a mere 2 hour window.



JA Goneaux said...

It would be worth a Harper majority just to see all those heads explode in self-righteous frustration...

Neo Conservative said...

as kathy is wont to say... "when the last hippy is strangled with the entrails of the last commie."


Anonymous said...

kathy is big on death camps.

Keep up the hate!

Neo Conservative said...

"canadian cynic, once again masquerading as anonymous, spews... kathy is big on death camps."

that's pretty rich, cc... isn't it actually you who's always ranting and raving about those dastardly jews?

i bet you walk down the street just muttering this stuff to yourself.

eleanor rigby.