14 November 2007

Idiots, explosives & falling anvils

Anybody else see Steffi and the Stooges embarrassing themselves on the news tonight?

I guess Stef was so pumped about his moment in the sun... he didn't realise that the Prime Minister had just announced a full public enquiry into the Mulroney allegations... so his angry posturing a moment later... demanding that self-same enquiry... came off looking like a demented senior's moment.

You've also gotta love the manufactured outrage over the Conservative's failure to immediately jump on the so-called "smoking gun" Schreiber evidence.

-- OTTAWA -- Karlheinz Schreiber sent copies of red-hot documents to the Liberals and NDP two weeks ago detailing correspondence with Prime Minister Stephen Harper but neither party reacted to the provocative contents.
Still... you never wanna let the facts get in the way of disingenuous leftbot theatre.
Still, the opposition hammered away at Harper today over his insistence that he never saw any letters sent to him by the controversial German businessman in 2006 and 2007.
These guys just have no shame.


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And then there's the strange circumstance of former Trudeau cabinet minister Marc LaLonde ponying up bail for Karlheinz Schreiber.

Curiouser and curiouser.

LAST WORD: Oh, Steffi... always a bridesmaid
-- OTTAWA -- Canadians say the Conservative government deserves the benefit of the doubt over the Brian Mulroney controversy, while rejecting the notion of giving a similar break to the former prime minister.

A new Strategic Counsel poll for The Globe and Mail/CTV News finds that 66 per cent of those surveyed believe the allegations about Mr. Mulroney are totally unrelated to the current Conservative government, while only 19 per cent think they are related.

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Anonymous said...

We got to keep encouraging Steffy cause he will keep screwing up and keep in power as he does it.
(real conservative)

syncrodox said...


Schreiber may be a media hounding self serving dirtbag but he is a player......

When postage stamps are at a premium he knew a little about relevance.


Anonymous said...

It's been fifteen years since Muldoon was Prime Minister and the Liberals have been 'chasing' him the entire time since then - only because the media eats this stuff up.

Liberals stole $40 million dollars under Jean Cretin's reign, Cretin's wife recieved a $2 million dollar mansion as a gift - where's our investigation into that?

Neo Conservative said...

"synchro said... a media hounding self serving dirtbag but he is a player"

maybe, at one time, he WAS a player... but let's face it... in canada, you can threaten to blow up parliament and behead the prime minister... and still get out of jail.

this guy is sitting in a cell, frantically writing every leftbot journalist in town... while trying to stay out of the horny clutches of the biker with the most cigarettes.

schreiber, whatever juice he may have once had, is tagged, bagged and on his way back to the fatherland for a major spanking.

f@ck him and lloyd robertson.