08 November 2007

Commie Pinko TV

Apparently, the Communist Chinese government has more influence on the taxpayer-subsidised CBC... than the Canadian taxpayer...

CBC Television abruptly cancelled a featured Falun Gong documentary just hours before it was to air on Tuesday night, prompting complaints that the network bowed to pressure from Chinese government officials.

“I was actually contacted myself by a gentleman who is a cultural consultant with the Chinese embassy,” Mr. Keay said. “He was very polite.” CBC will run a new version of the documentary “sooner rather than later,” the spokesman added, but couldn't say precisely when.
So what sort of changes will be made to the documentary? Let's ask the guy who put this thing together...
The Canadian director of Beyond The Red Wall says he has no intention of re-editing a piece that he spent three years working on. “We have to quote-unquote give balance,” veteran filmmaker Peter Rowe said in an interview.

"I've never experienced anything like these kinds of demands."

The documentary draws attention to Falun Gong practitioners' complaints of persecution, including beatings, torture and labour camps in China.
But that isn't the most appalling aspect of this matter... by a country mile.
It also explores an investigative report done by the former Canadian MP David Kilgour and Canadian civil-liberties lawyer David Matas, who concluded last year that a “large but unknown number of Falun Gong prisoners of conscience” were being executed and their hearts, kidneys, livers and corneas harvested for transplant.
Your CBC... appeasers to the world.


UPDATE: CBC splutters... a denial
CBC-TV denies it suddenly dumped a controversial new documentary on China's Falun Gong movement because of pressure from the Chinese government.

Joel Chipkar from the Falun Dafa Association of Canada said his members were shocked at the cancellation and claimed the Chinese government has a campaign of intimidation against CBC.

CBC, which will cover the Beijing Olympics next year, ran a six-hour documentary in 2006 on the "new China" called China Rising.

It contained no references to the Chinese government's treatment of Falun Gong.

LAST WORD: Ezra Levant weighs in
Let's do a little thought experiment here.

What would the CBC have done if the U.S. Embassy had told them to yank any of its constant anti-American programming, such as its airing of Fahrenheit 9/11?

What would the CBC have done if the Israeli Embassy had told them to yank some of its anti-Israel programming?

What if the Canadian government had asked the same? Or a corporation, like Wal-Mart?

The CBC wouldn't have obeyed -- it would have turned it into a news story about foreign meddling and censorship.

Levant hits it directly on the head. He is exactly right.

Privatize CBC immediately.

Heck, put it on the ballot with Senate reform and kill both with one fell swoop.


Anonymous said...

So CBC is funded by my tax money but they are bending to protect commies.
Josee Vernier...are you listening???

Anonymous said...

This may be more fundamental than it first appears. Look south and the massive financial support that Chinese paid to Clintons. Look north and do we see the same thing with liberals up here?
(real conservative)

Anonymous said...

And think of the 'connections' Maurice Strong has with the CBC.

Mark said...

Levant hits it directly on the head. He is exactly right.

Privatize CBC immediately.

Heck, put it on the ballot with Senate reform and kill both with one fell swoop.

Anonymous said...

The communist Chinese CBC programming director should be 'politely' told to get the hell out of my country. And the CBC obviously needs to be eliminated.

Anonymous said...

Privatize is an option but ideally the whole inbred neo-commie group of unemployables should be on the auction block within 30 days. Everything and anything from Mansbridge's sneer and bucket of skull polish, Don Messer's fiddle, Tommy Hunter's boots, staplers, staples, HNIC ditty, Da Big Mosk - cast, crew and set, Relic's boat, Rusty, Jerome, the two chairs to curl up in, the glass crap house on Front St. imploded and dumped into Lake Ont., the whole kit and caboodle flushed away never to seen or heard from again...ideally.

Anonymous said...

Stop making fun of the CBC! It has excellent programs. There are great shows such as the Royal Cantonese Air Farce, This Hour Has 22 Executions, and Little Mosque under the Yangtzee. I particularly enjoy watching Just for Laughs Gags as I see fake policemen beating up on Falun Gong supporters. Those blows to the heads seem real! The Chinese Broadcasting Corporation is essential for our country's cultural survival.

bobby fletcher said...

The documentary got pulled due to inaccuracies:

- Falun Gong passes off "gory" medical artifacts and misrepresent them as evidence of torture. For example here they used a photo of breast cancer to fake a "sexual torture" claim:


- The "organ harvesting" allegation David Kilgour is promoting has been discredited by multiple undercover investigation.

Here's the conclusion from US State Deparment and Chinese dissident Harry Wu:


http://www.usembassy.it/pdf/other/RL33437.pdf (section CRS-7)



Neo Conservative said...

so you're saying the cbc didn't exercise due diligence when it broadcast this program previously?

interesting p.o.v.

more info always welcome... i invite my readers to follow up on all the info posted here.


bobby fletcher said...

Here's additional reporting from Ottawa Citizen on the veracity of Falun Gong's orga allegation, and credibility of the Kilgour report:


The reporter reached the same conclusion as US State Dept and Chinese dissident Harry Wu.