04 March 2007

Towards a carbon neutral death

For the green at heart... there's always the eco-burial.

-- Even death offers no escape from the global warming debate. But as with most things these days, there are eco-friendly alternatives. Woodland burials and wicker coffins are the among the greenest ways to a carbon neutral end.

Families who opt to cremate their loved one in a biodegradable coffin even get a discount.
But if you're really looking to be altruistic, why not donate your body to a medical school?

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james higham said...

Would you leave your body to medical students?

Neo Conservative said...

james... it's not like i'm going to be needing it after i'm dead.

it's just meat.

in ontario, you get, or used to get, organ donor cards with your drivers license renewal... it's signed and in my wallet. but that's just me.

i do think, that if anyone considers themselves "a progressive"... why wouldn't they give back to the all-caring nanny state?