24 March 2007

More CTV bias

It would almost be laughable... if their anti-Harper bias wasn't such a constant, overriding theme at CTV.

I just watched CJOH, the Ottawa CTV affiliate and saw David Akin emphasize how "mean" the Prime Minister was to Stephane Dion this week. It's two grown men in a rough and tumble business... and Akin tries conjuring up an image of a schoolyard bully. It's ludicrous.

Akin then went on to talk about how, during a visit to the grave of his wife's great uncle who died in World War I, the Prime Minister looked like, "as much of a human being", as well... this otherworldly monster, or perhaps an alien... could be.

Their reporting is a joke.

Of course, I am immensely cheered at the thought of another ill-considered CTV poll gone bad.

The poll question, "Should Muslim women be required to show their faces while voting?" is currently running at 87 percent yes to 13 percent no.

Make sure you drop by and vote.

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Anonymous said...

Poor Stephanie Dion! He should run back inside the ivory tower where the real world won't bother him.

Neo Conservative said...

in the immortal words of steffi himself, "it is not fair!"


Alberta Girl said...

Funny how they call SH "mean", but when the shoe was on the other foot with old JC it was "politics".

Give me a frickin break, David. "Mean" - if Dion can't take it without you reporters standing up for him, then he has more problems than we thought.

Neo Conservative said...

judging from the polling lately... ctv's ongoing efforts to smear harper aren't working.


Joanne (True Blue) said...

That's too bad about David Akin.

I used to think he was one of the few non-biased reporters at CTV.

I guess a crisis brings out the best or worst in people. And the Liberals are definitely facing a big crisis.

Neo Conservative said...

"joanne said... he was one of the few non-biased reporters"

well, there he was, standing beside puffy duffy, spewing the ctv line... although, come to think of it, they both looked a little spooked, like they'd been caught doin' lines in the boys room.


Anonymous said...

"they'd been caught doin' lines"

No, a little too daring for those two. Probably just admiring wee wee's...
As was pointed out: it was just politics with the old fraud jc, it's being "mean" with PM Harper. The libs and their media sycophants have discovered civility, now that they're losing at eveything else.