23 March 2007

Lloyd Robertson bleeds from eyes...

On national television.

Taken between March 20 and 21 following Monday's budget address, the Strategic Counsel survey for CTV News and The Globe and Mail asked: How would Canadians vote today?

* 39 per cent said they would vote for a Conservative candidate.
* 31 per cent chose Liberal.

According to the survey, the driving force behind the rising Tory fortunes is that the budget seems to have won over the most important voting block in the country: middle class voters.
UPDATE: New poll also indicates majority
-- OTTAWA -- Prime Minister Stephen Harpers' Conservatives have surged to 40% in popular opinion and entered majority government territory, a new poll says.

The poll, conducted exclusively by Ipsos-Reid for CanWest News Service and Global Television after the Harper government delivered its new budget, shows the Tories have opened up an 11-point lead nationally over St├ęphane Dion's Liberals.

"The big news is they hit the big four-oh," pollster Darrell Bricker said of the Conservatives' numbers. "They've hit the magic number. When you get to 40 [per cent], you can start talking about forming a majority government."
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As the Speaker called an end to Question Period, Dion stood and dramatically threw his ear piece down, stomping off like a child who had been refused his dessert.

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Anonymous said...

CBC, CTV and the Globe & Liberal must be shocked that their 'creative' reporting isn't giving them better numbers, especially since they've gone through all that trouble to make up stuff.

Neo Conservative said...

yesterday ctv did one sentence on dion booting an mp out of caucus and then went on to do a whole bit on why chinese food is bad for you.

it's a joke.


james higham said...

I've just posted on the polls for Steven Harper [at the bottom of the post on the rcmp]. Looking good, wouldn't you think, Neocon?

Anonymous said...

Wow is somebody gonna bitch slap Jack or what? His unconditional love for immigration is causing his party to sink to single digits.
(real conservative)

Neo Conservative said...

"james higham said... I've just posted on the polls..."

james... the poll is just the icing on the cake, and to be honest, i knew at some point, it would come.

the highlight of the week for me was seeing harper slap down dion over his silly posturing about the missing taliban prisoners.

dion also tried to present himself as a crime-buster, while the libs are stalling the justice bill in the senate.

ole steffi doesn't know whether to shit or go blind these days.


Mark said...

Love the title.