26 March 2007

Quebec: Too many analysts...

Spoil the broth...

Let's face it... this particular contest wasn't about anyone's lofty statements of vision or purpose.

-- It was Mr. Dumont's campaign against "reasonable accommodation" that garnered the most attention, and dominated the headlines throughout the five-week campaign.

The question of whether sugar shacks should bake beans without pork to satisfy Muslim and Jewish customers generated more public debate than provincial debt, the healthcare system and cultural affairs combined.
It was a whole lot of people coming together and saying, "Enough already, this is Canada."

This is my home and it works just fine the way it is, thank you very much.

UPDATE: PQ's last gasp
Dumont on the weekend shut the door "completely" on the idea of a coalition with Andre Boisclair and the Parti Québécois.

"Mario Dumont and the ADQ as a party believes that Quebec's future is within Canada," he said. "We'll work night and day to ensure that everyone gets along within this federation."
POSTSCRIPT: Oh yeah, there's also this...
Prime Minister Stephen Harper's federal Conservative minority government also has an important stake in the outcome.

A victory for federalism, combined with a surge in conservatism in Quebec, could be the launching point for a federal election.

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